Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday Favorites 9.2.16

Happy Friday friends! 

I'm linking up for Friday Favorites with Erika, Narci and Andrea!

1. Baker had meet the teacher this week! I'm so pumped for Baker to go back to school two days a week. Honestly we both need a little change of scenary. He loves school, and has been talking about it all summer. It's clearly his favorite!

He walked in to his school like he owned it. 
We found his new classroom, and then we had this conversation:

Baker - You can leave now. I want to stay for the whole day without you.
Me -Well the feeling is mutual. 
Baker - Okay time for you to go. 

(We repeated this conversation in the gym, music room, and in his former teacher's room.) 

Fisher's favorite was the blue cupcake. 

They had a photo both set up too! Daddy was the only one who grabbed a hat, but I'm not complaining because you know... lice. 

2. Popsicles are a big favorite at my house!

They are so simple to make. I cut up fruit, and then add some sort of liquid. 

Here are some ideas for the liquid part:

-water with lemon or lime juice. 
-coconut water
-any juice I have in my fridge

I added some Honest juice and the popsicles were delicious!

Freeze for 5-10 hours and enjoy!

Easy easy easy!

3. Baker's favorite game is this vintage hotwheels track. We set it up in the garage and we've been playing with it a little bit everyday. 

We've even enjoyed a few meals in the garage because why not?! 

4. I took both boys shopping for shoes this week, and it was a complete disaster!! 

Then I did what any smart mom would do, and I jumped on amazon and ordered him a pair

They light up. They have velcro straps. AND they were $15 cheaper than what he wanted in the store.

Why didn't I go to amazon first? Rookie mistake. 

Amazon prime is my favorite.

Okay I don't have little girls, but I also stumbled up on these. How sweet are they! I ordered them for a gift!

5. And it's time for FALL!!

Most people are like this:

But I'm over here like this:

Give me all the apples!

Mix and Match Mama came to my rescue with apples recipes!


That's it for today friends!!

Hope you have a happy and long Labor Day weekend. 

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  1. Yay! I'm so glad you like my apple recipes! This made my morning :).