Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Napa Vacation Wineries Day 4 and Day 5

I am wrapping up the rest of our California vacation today! Make sure you hop over and see what we did in San Francisco and Napa on the first few days of our trip!

Day 4!!

V. Sattui Winery

V. Sattui was gorgeous and everything was so incredibly green! But there were people everywhere!! (that's why I'm making the above face!!!) It's the only winery that has it's own deli. You buy your food inside and then you can go sit outside to enjoy it. 

We skipped the wine tasting at this spot! There were just too many people. Instead we grabbed a bottle of wine to drink later!

V. Sattui was a fabulous lunch spot! My best advice is to show up early and try to beat the crowd. Still worth the stop, but just come prepared! The grounds were incredibly beautiful, and it was fun to just walk around and look!

Frog's Leap Winery

Next we hopped on over to Frog's Leap! (see what I did there!)

This little wine house is what dreams are made of! Seriously! I loved everything about this house! Incredible! Forget the wine, I just want to move in!

Aren't you in love?!

They also had this sweet dog as their mascot! 

Okay, so I highly recommend Frog's Leap just to see the house! It looks like a magazine spread, and I seriously want to move it. This tour was highly informative! Almost to the point of being overly informative! I think it had more to do with the questions being asked by the other 4 people in our tour and not by the actual guide. They seriously would not stop asking questions. The entire farm was picturesque. They have a peach orchard, a garden where they grow produce for local restaurants and the vineyards. They also farm organically without irrigation. Frog's Leap was definitely a different feel than any of the other wineries! Did I mention it was adorable?! I would love a porch with a huge dinning table like theirs! 


We headed back to Yountville to visit another Thomas Keller establishment for dinner, Bouchon. 


Day 5!!

Before we could start our day, we HAD to stop at Bouchon Bakery one more time!

Castello Di Amorosa

When we first showed up at Castello Di Amorosa, I thought we were going to get ourselves into another Sterling situation.  It was crowded, and I was a tad worried. I'm so happy to report that it was lovely! We did a self-guided tour. If you want a tour guide then you need to make reservations in advance. Once we got past the entrance, it was not crowded at all. We had free reign to explore certain parts of the castle, and it was big enough that I never felt like it was too busy. The castle was beautiful and had exquisite details. When we went downstairs to do our wine tasting we definitely felt the crowd again, but once we got settled at a tasting spot it was okay! They let you pick which wines you get to taste from a fairly lengthy list. This is great news if you like a certain type of wine over another! If you like sweet whites then this is a must stop for you!  Overall we loved the castle! You just can't beat the details. 


We finished off our trip with Schramsberg. 

You see these caves? Every single bit of the caves was filled with bottles and bottles of sparkling wine! Their packing skills are incredible! 

Look at all that wine behind those barrels! 

Schramsberg was a great way to finish off our tours! It was different, and we loved hearing about how sparkling wine is made. They still do the majority of the work by hand. CRAZY! The history behind their wine is also incredible. Go ahead and put Schramsberg on that (now) long list of must visit wineries!

After Schramsberg we found a place to picnic at a public park in Calistoga. The public park and the bathrooms were so clean. (just FYI!)

And we ate our goodies that we picked up at Bouchon Bakery! 

The we headed over to Santa Rosa, California to visited Russian River Brewing Company. 

I know nothing about beer!! Sorry! But they have a famous beer called Pliny the Elder, and Austin wanted to check it out! 

After the brewery, we headed north to Healdsburg. I wish we had more time to spend in this adorable little town!! If you have extra time, go check it out!

And that wraps up our entire Napa trip!!!

It was a great one! Thanks for coming along the journey with us!



  1. Oh my goodness! Who knew wineries were this beautiful?!?!

  2. OH...I want to go to Napa SO BAD!! maybe in the next few years!! looks like so much FUN~~