Monday, August 22, 2016

Back-to-School Time!

Happy Monday friends! It's back-to-school time! Make sure you jump on over to The Abilene Post to read my back-to-school post!

I'm sharing some fun ideas for a few traditions. 

I included this game you can play with your kids after their first day. Grab dice and let them roll until they've answered all the questions! It's a great way to get your kiddos talking! 

Go check it out!!!

I'm praying for all of you who are sending kids off to school today! 


  1. What a great idea! I can't believe it's back to school time already. It really seems like summer just started! Have a great day =)

  2. Love this game! I get the "I don't know" already with my 5 year old when I ask what she did at school today!

  3. Happy First Day of school. I feel like we have been back in school forever. We started back August 1st!! Is it summer break yet?? 😬