Friday, July 15, 2016

Roommate Weekend 2016

It has been the craziest week at the Butlers' house!! I monitored STAAR tests all week and it was just extra busy. Last weekend we had our annual roommate weekend, and I'm just now getting around to blogging our trip. Since it's one of my FAVORITE weekends on the year, I decided it was perfect for Friday Favorites!

These girls are my favorites!!




Here is some roommate history:

In the fall of 2004, I packed my Jeep Liberty and headed down to College Station. I didn't know a single person who went to Texas A&M, but I had no doubts that was where I was supposed to attend college. God had the best experience planned for me. I'm so glad I trusted his plan even though it was extremely scary. I met Deena the first week of school and we instantly became besties. You know those people you just immediately connect with? That was us. I knew we would be best friends for life. We were inseparable and loved every second. We both joined Philadelphia Sisters, a girls christian club. I was assigned a big-sis in Phillies and that's when Kristen entered my life. Kristen and I have shared so many life experiences and similarities. I powerfully feel God's love when I think about how he purposefully orchestrated us to meet. He knew we would need each other for support. The three of us moved into a townhouse in the fall of 2005. In 2006 our friends Lauren and Mallory joined our crew. We met Lauren through Kristen (and Phillies) and she is the sweetest most loyal person that I have ever met. She would drop everything to help anyone of us without question. I met Mallory in Chemistry class and I almost didn't pass because she was always distracting me. (just kidding, I managed a B) She was also with me the day I met Austin. She is funny, compassionate and has a heart for people.

We had the best year with all 5 of us living together. July of 2007, Kristen got married and that's what began our yearly roommate weekend. We try to get together as much as possible, but it's the one weekend that we all commit to going no matter what! We bring along our hubbies and kids too. Actually the husbands have an amazing connection, and they think the weekend is about them. We give them a hard time, but it's the biggest blessing that they like each other so much.

The amount of love and support I feel from these ladies is overwhelming in the best way possible. They are my soul-sisters. 

This summer we met at the Faseler farm for an extra fun, action packed and hot weekend!

We headed down after Austin got off work Friday evening. 
We stopped for a little picnic about halfway to the farm. 

We arrived late Friday night and hung out with our friends for a little before bedtime. 

The real fun began on Saturday morning. 

The kids spent time coloring. 

They enjoyed the tractors. 

Warning: If you take selfies on someone's phone, they will probably end up on a blog somewhere. 

They kiddos took a break and watched a little Paw Patrol. They were soaking up some nice cool AC. 

Baker and Camer played a little hide and seek. 

After nap time we broke out the swimming pools. 

We rode four-wheelers. 

Some of us kicked up our feet. 

We played ALL day long. 

Then we washed up for dinner. 

After dinner we enjoyed some homemade ice cream. 

I honestly don't know how the kids were still going at this point, but they managed to chase each other around the table. 

And do a few fireworks. 

We really enjoyed the weekend with our friends! We are looking forward to many years of memories together! 

And on the way home we made a pit stop, because no trip is complete without a special treat from Buc-ee's. 

Happy weekend friends!!!!


  1. Oh Megan! How blessed you are to have such an amazing group of friends. What a testimony to God's faithfulness.

  2. This looks like an awesome weekend!! The story of how you met all those girls was so sweet!

  3. How fun! I love that you all still stay in touch!!

  4. Such a great tradition! It's awesome to see lasting connections and families grow together

  5. I love that you met these awesome girls in college and that you remain close. I sincerely believe that God placed you in each other's lives and I will be forever thankful. Girlfriends are important! I love all of you!

  6. How amazing that you have been able to remain close to all of these ladies. And so fun that you get together still and that your families all get along =)