Thursday, May 12, 2016

Teachers Gifts

It's that time of the year!! The time of the year where we need to tell all the teachers in our lives how much we love and appreciate them! 

Out of ideas? No worries I've got one basic inexpensive idea mixed 5 ways for you! 

We are going to start with a wide mouthed pint & half jar. 

You can find these at Walmart or Target. Or if you are an online shopper you can grab them on Amazon!  The box contains 9 jars and costs between $9.26-$10.50

I even found them on sale at target! wahoo! 

Then I added these sip and straw lid converters. They come in a set of 4 and average $5-$6.
  (target only had white but I found purple, blue and red at Walmart) Amazon has them too but they are slightly more expensive. 

Here is our basic gift - Mason Jar Mug. 

Now let's start mixing it up!

1. First I added some chocolate! These cost less than $5 each. (if you make 4*)

2. You could certainly leave it with just the chocolate OR you could add a little gift card too. 
These fun floral ones are from Target but any gift card would be perfect!

3. Next up is tea for the mug! You could add various teas to the cup! I love peach tea so this would be perfect for me! Tea is also very inexpensive. 

4. You could also add fun snacks to the mug. 
If you have someone who is health conscious then larabars are perfect. 

5. How about filling the jar full of pampering spa items?

Or nice soaps. 

What would you choose?

We decided on.....

Gift cards and chocolate!! 

We added notes for each of his teachers to tell them how amazing they have been this year. Seriously we were blessed with the very best teachers for our first "school" experience. 

*We gifted 4 jars to 4 teachers. We spent $16 on jars + lids which makes them cost right at $4 each for the mug part. If you don't need that many gifts grab a friend and split, or put some away for another time! Also how perfect would these be for shower hostess gift? 

Happy mixing and creating friends! 

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