Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday Favorites 5.13.16

Wooo Wooo! It's Friday! I'm linking up with Erika, Andrea and Narci for Friday favorites. 

1. Mother's Day weekend - I was so busy this week that I didn't have a chance to recap our fun weekend. 

On Saturday we met Austin's parents at the Fort Worth Zoo.

We checked out the animals and ate lunch. 

Then we found some WATER!

My kids favorite thing is WATER! Seriously they can't keep out of it. 

They had the best time! 

Then Baker fell asleep in the car and had the biggest meltdown ever!! What's a family weekend without a major meltdown...right?!?

Saturday afternoon we headed over to Southlake for Austin's sweet cousin McKenzie's graduation party! 

I borrowed this photo from McKenzie, but aren't they the most gorgeous and stylish family ever?! Those are some seriously good genes! 

We managed to find water again! 

The party was so much fun! McKenzie is moving to New York in June. You can follow her adventures over on her blog: Magnolia Melange. 

Sunday morning we headed to one of our favorite places, Central Market. 

The Central Market in Fort Worth has a really cool patio and playground. We got breakfast and let the boys play outside. 

2. When we got home on Sunday, my mom and sister showed up at my house!!
It was not planned. They thought we were out of town still and they were gonna head to the zoo but then it started to storm! Luckily we were back and we had an impromptu dinner and playtime for the kids!

I'm so thankful they showed up at my door! We seriously couldn't have planned a better afternoon. I got to spend Mother's Day with some of my favorite mommies! 

Last weekend, I blogged about my journey to mother hood. Make sure you go check it out. It's one of my favorite blog posts that I've written. 

3. While I was in the "big city" I got to run into one of my favorite grocery stores! 

We miss Sprouts! 

4. I just wrapped up 3 weeks of STAAR testing! Wahooo!! This piece of art was in the testing room. Notice anything weird??

Do you see it??

I'm pretty sure it's upside down. Notice all the words and numbers within the painting are upside down and so are the flowers. 

We tested at a very nice hotel and it cracked me up that this was hung upside down. I didn't notice it until testing day 8.  What do you think? Upside down? or Right side up?

5. Baker had his last day of preschool on Thursday. 

Well that's about right!!!! At least you can tell our house has come a long way!! 

The first day of school, he convinced his teachers that the Thomas Train nap mat was wasn't. I'm still laughing at this...

You can flash back to his first day here. 

Happy weekend friends!!! We are officially on summer break at the Butler house!


  1. Ahhhh! Last day of preschool already?!? Your boys are getting so big! Happy Friday!!

  2. I missed that nap mat story earlier. That is hilarious! Looks like you guys had a great weekend. Happy Friday, friend!