Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Let's Talk

Today I'm joining Erika and Andrea today for their Let's Talk series! We are talking about resolutions, goals and what we are looking forward to.

I'm not a big resolutions kind of girl. Sorry! I'm all about setting goals to strive for, but resolutions are hard. Maybe they are just two words that mean the same thing? Anyway...This year we are concentrating on getting healthy and leading an active lifestyle. Right now we are doing The Daniel Plan with our church. We are starting week 3 and so far it has been really good for us. It concentrates on 5 areas, faith, food, fitness, friends and focus. You can check out my week 1 update here and my week 2 update will be up tomorrow!

We are also working on renovating our house! I know it'll be awhile before we are completely satisfied but it has come a long way! We gutted our entire kitchen and gave it new lifetore out walls and replaced all the floors. Right now we are working on lots of cosmetic things like new trim and paint. I'm hoping we can get some things finished up in the next few months.

We are currently planning a trip to Napa Valley, California! YAY! We are really looking forward to going this summer! Austin and I have been planning every night!

! We are excited to visit the wineries but good food is exciting too. 

These pictures of Bouchon Bakery were taken by Baking Bites blog. 

I bet you are wanting to plan a trip to Napa now too! Aren't all the pictures gorgeous!

Who has been to Napa Valley? Do you have any good tips for me?


  1. wow what a great post! ive never been to napa but heard so many great things! cant wait to keep up with your blog! its super cute! hope you'll drop by mine as well :)

  2. We went to Bouchon Bakery in New York and ate some of those delicious macaroons!!!