Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November Goals

Before we get started on the new month, let's review October's goals!

1. Budget - we did pretty good this month. We tracked it and stuck to our budget. Go us!

2. Decorate Pumpkins - We didn't get to visit a pumpkin patch because of the rain but the pumpkin man came to our neighborhood instead! Baker picked out a "mud" pumpkin and a small one to paint.

When it came down to painting the pumpkin, I could not find any paint. HA! I guess it's still all packed away. We broke out the paint samples from the house and let Baker go to town! Nothing screams Halloween like an aesthetic white pumpkin! Hey at least it matched our cabinets.

3. House - finish trim work, shiplap in dining room and granite issues. This goal was a major bust all the way around!! We hit a major stall in the renovations this month. We are motivated to get things rolling again so this goal will be back up!!

4. Enjoy time with out of state family. Done!! Yay! we had so much fun visiting with my dad and family. You can read all about our adventures here. and our trip to Magnolia in Waco, TX.

5. Start Christmas shopping and planning!! I have picked up several stocking things for my boys over the last month!! We still have a ways to go but honestly we don't really buy that much so this should be easy! We are really stumped on what to get our boys. Any good suggestions??

November Goals!

1. House - I am determined to get the shiplap project in the dining room finished. I painted the last 2 nights!! and I am hoping we can finish up this week so we can install this weekend!! Prepare yourself for lots of pictures when it's finally finished!

2. Explore 1 new place in Abilene - we don't have anything planned on the weekends this month!! wahoo!! so we can explore at least 1 new place right?

3. Be thankful - We are celebrating thankful30. We are reflecting on everything we have to be thankful for this month. We are also trying to show 30 people how thankful we are for them.

We started Monday while at the zoo, Baker handed out some goody bags of treats to some of the zoo keepers. This is a place we visit often so I think it's important place to start. Baker loved handing out treats and he talked about it all day long. 

4. Celebrate my 30th birthday!!! - This is a big month for us! I turn 30 and we also celebrate 7 years of marriage. Lots of fun celebrating ahead!!

5. Host - this is a two part goal

A - Our life group: We have been going to a life group with our new church for about 2 months now. We are going to host a harvest party in a few weeks and have them all over! Unfinished house and all!! We knew we wanted our house to be a place people could come and fellowship together. We've made it a goal to make it happen even if it means our house is an incomplete mess. We just decided if we keep waiting we will never have them over! Our BFG (Sunday school) class in McKinney hosts a harvest party every year and it was one of our favorite traditions. We decided it would be fun to start a new tradition with our life group!

B - At least 1 family: We want to continue to build new relationships so that involves hosting others. We want to host at least one family for dinner or desserts.

6. Getting rid of Baker's paci - This is going to be brutal. He is sooooooooooooooooo very attached it. It has become such an issue though. He wakes up and comes to get us in the middle of the night if he doesn't have 2!!! so if one is lost in his bed, I get woken up. I am so over it!! It has to go! He really wants a guitar so we told him Santa would bring one if he got rid of it. Any advice? I think we are just going cold turkey.  (ok I'm not even kidding he just came and asked me for another paci as I wrote this paragraph!!) 

We even tried out a guitar today at Target. I don't think it's much motivation for him though, he has been wanting one since May! 

Alright I think we've got plenty on the table for the month of November!! Wish us luck!!


  1. I heart goals :). I heart you too friend!

  2. Way to go hosting in an unfinished home. Inviting folks into your story is a beautiful thing. Our first guests had to sit outside on the deck on our kitchen chairs and balance paper plates in their laps. :)

    1. Ha love that!! Good first memories. You need to come over soon!!

  3. We went through the process of getting rid of the pacifier with both kids over Thanksgiving break the year they were 1. I chose this timing because Alan and I were both home with the kids so there was lots of moral support and cuddling time. I told the kids in advance no more pacifier after Thanksgiving. A week before, the pacifier was limited to the crib. After Thanksgiving dinner, I threw out all pacifiers and it was cold turkey for us all. It took us the entire 4 day weekend to get through it, but after that and by the time we got back into our regular routine, the process was over and done with.

    1. Great advice!! Thank you!! It went surprisingly well.

  4. Yay for sticking to a budget. That is so hard to do. I love the hosting goal! And I have no great words of advice in regards to the paci. Little L doesn't take one but Little J did. We said no more paci after 2. He gave it up a little before and I remember being shocked at how well it went. It was only by Gods grace, that's for sure. You can do it!! They say 3 days. That's all it takes. :)