Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Favorites TV shows

Happy Friday friends!! We are linking up with our friends Erika, Andrea and Narci today for Friday Favorites!

I shared this week about the infertility club. Not exactly a favorite BUT my favorite is you girls. Your stories are amazing. I can't tell you how many texts, emails, messages and comments that I've had from each of you telling me your stories. You are AMAZING ladies. I love each of you. I would love to pray for you specifically by name so please email me if you haven't already. I'm in your corner and I'm actively praying for you. 

On a lighter note....I thought it would be fun for us to share our favorite TV shows with you today! We are going to share what we watch together as well as our individual favorites.We cut off our cable about 3 years ago. It really wasn't as hard I thought it would be to cut the cord. It really minimized all of our background TV watching. Now we only watch shows we truly love. We made up for not having cable by getting both Hulu and Netflix memberships.

Our favorite shows to watch as a couple

1. Scrubs - When we first got married in 2008, we lived  in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment in north Dallas. Scrubs came on everyday at the time we got home from work. The more we watched this show the funnier it became. We got addicted so we grabbed the seasons from the local library and started working our way through them. We still watch the show several times a week on netflix. It's our go to at night. It makes us laugh and is a good lighthearted show before bedtime.

And just for fun here is a flashback to our engagement pictures in 2008. 

(side note from Megan - I have noticed that what I do before bedtime REALLY affects my dreams at night. If I watch a scary show then I have nightmares so I really like things that aren't intense. I've also noticed the same with social media. If I see a picture of someone online before bed, most likely they will appear in my dream in some way. Am I crazy?! Is this just me?? I have some crazy dreams!!!)

2. Modern Family - This show is also FUNNY!!! It just makes us laugh. (see above side note!)

3. Fixer upper - This HGTV show just became available on Netflix!! But I already know it will be a favorite for sure!! How could it not be!! We are living in our very own fixer upper!! Now if we could just get Joanna to come decorate for us!!! I also LOVE how sweet and kind Chip and Joanna are to each other on the show. We have watched a handful of renovation shows over the years but these two have the sweetest relationship by far.

Megan's favorite shows

1. Parenthood - Grab a box of tissues. This is the best show I have ever watched. It is REAL life. I laughed and cried every single episode. The characters are so relate-able. I can guarantee you will personally relate to at least one story line if not many many more over the series. Just to name a few, they cover - moving, starting over, adoption, cancer, infertility, marriage issues, separation, autism and racism. It also makes me want a house full of babies so we can have backyard dinner parties like the Bravermans.

2. Friday Night Lights - This is the perfect time of year to watch Friday Night Lights. Coach Eric and Tammy Taylor!! I mean!! I love them. Connie Britton always plays the fiercest ladies on her shows. Small town and football, what is not to love? This show made me miss high school and living in a small town. It reminded me of all of the incredible people that have been a part of my life.  #Texasforever

3. Gilmore Girls - Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. This is a sweet mother and daughter show. They talk really fast!! (Austin hates that!) It reminds me of my sister, Kelsey. We have watched the series together more times than we should admit. And just for the record - I'm team Logan.
And here is my baby sister!! 

Christmas of 2006 we took a road trip with our mom to California. We watched the entire series in the car during the trip. We even stayed in a hotel at the Grand Canyon that had very minimal amenities so after dark there was really nothing to do. It was so much fun to stay up and watch Gilmore Girls with her. love you sis!

Austin's favorite shows (written by Austin)

1.  Top Gear - If you have not watched a single episode, you need to watch Season 10, Episode 4 Botswana Special.  Yes, it is a car show, but there is a lot more than just reviews of cars.  JUST WATCH THE BOTSWANA SPECIAL!!!
Image result for top gear crazy          Image result for top gear crazy

2.  Anything on HGTV - Yes I build homes for a living, but I really love seeing how people work with spaces and materials on all of those shows.

3.  Shark Tank - I have always enjoyed this show and the sometimes ridiculous pitches presented.  Mark Cuban is my favorite shark, as he seems like someone I would really like to do business with.

(side note from Megan - Before we had kids we watched this show together every Friday night! We loved it. It's on Hulu so now we can watch it whenever we want!)

What are your favorite shows?

Have a happy weekend friends!! #texasandbravermansforever


  1. Okay, I've never watched Scrubs but I hear it's hysterical! Adding it to my list!

  2. I love love Friday Night Lights and Gilmore Girls! Two shows I can watch over and over again! The engagement photos are so adorable! You look so happy! Have a great weekend!

  3. We share the same favorite shows!! I am on season 4 of Parenthood and LOVE it! Although, it rips my heart out all the time. I might have a crying problem when I watch that show. ;)