Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Walls are Gone!

The walls are gone!! Okay they aren't completely gone but you can see from one room to the other now. It's amazing. When you walk in the front door you can now see all the way to the kitchen. Before the wall removal, two walls stood in the way of that view.
In order to remove the wall between the former den and kitchen we had to move the AC furnace. This was no joke. We had to get the framers out first to build a new closet for it and then have the AC guys move it. We actually moved it into a space that used to be a doorway.
Here is the backside. This is in our future family room area. (former dining room)

Remember this wall is the only load bearing wall running east to west in our home so it took a little work to get it down.
Are you ready for some before and after pictures?
before AC and hot water heater closet
before doorway we closed in (AC closet is to left of built in desk)
before dining room - the doorway at the far end is the one we closed in.
AFTER - The couch is our baby blockade
before looking from den into kitchen
before breakfast area (look at the light placement)
before wall in the den

We also framed in the doorway to the right. It is right as you walk in the door and we don't need it with the big opening.
I love how this opened up our home and lets each space become usable. I can't wait to host lots of people in this space.


  1. I love what you're doing! Lord willing we build one day... and I want open space, open space, open space. :)

    1. I agree!! Love open spaces! Our old home was fairly open but the dining room space was useless. Now that this is opened I think we can maximize each space. Building would be awesome!!