Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Favorites


Hey Friends!! We have had the craziest week! Today I'm linking up with some of my McKinney friends, Erika, Andrea and Narci, for Friday Favorites. Here are a few of our FAVORITE moments:

1. Thank you! thank you! for all of the sweet texts, comments, emails and messages that you have been sending our way about the blog. We have really been feeling the love and we appreciate it so much. You are our favorite!

2. I got to start this week going to church in one of my favorite places in the whole world. My child may have thrown a huge fit about going in the nursery in an unfamiliar place and I might not have been able to truly enjoy the service but the love I feel whenever I'm in this church is indescribable. The people and the community are so genuine and it just feels like home. I also married my favorite guy in this church almost 7 years ago.
3. Baker's favorite part of visiting his honey (my mom) is going down the street to see George, a pet llama. He loves it and requests to go see the mamamas.
4. Or maybe his favorite was playing lots of trains with his brother and cousin. We played trains for hours.
5. Austin sent me this picture while we were gone! Removing the walls has completely changed the space. I will share more pictures next week but this might be my favorite thing we have done in the renovation. It looks incredible. 
6. This sweet baby took a nap while I was wearing him in the ergo. This never happens any more so how could I not make this a favorite moment. Also please note the sweet curls.
7. We had our very first meet the teacher this week. Baker will go to prek 2 days a week and I know school will be his favorite. He loves to learn and I can't wait to see him make sweet friends. 


8. I love finding surprise pictures of Baker on my phone. I often laugh when I scroll through the pictures. He is such a goober and it's my favorite to find them!
Hope you have a happy weekend!! We have lots of plans to work on the house! I hope we get a lot done!


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  1. You have such a beautiful family! This is my first time stopping by from Friday Favorites. And I'm so glad I did. Your blog is lovely. Glad you got to visit a church you love. Sometimes it's so hard to leave them crying in the nursery... I totally get that. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!