About Us

Welcome friends. We thought the easiest way for us to show you lots of pictures of our renovation would be to create a blog! We moved from the Dallas area to Abilene, Texas in July 2015. We bought an older outdated home and are working on fixing it up! It's our #bighugebutlerrenovation a labor of love and sometimes hate! Please follow us on Instagram to see pictures of our progress.
Megan -  I'm a high school biology teacher turned stay at home mom. I love to do fun projects when I find the time. I love hot tea and drink a cup every morning. I really enjoy a good book and can read crazy fast. (according to Austin) I am a most excited about our new house because it is really close to my family!
Austin- He wears many roles in our family - loving husband, attentive daddy, plumber, electrician, wood worker, ant killer, and general contractor. He can do it all. He is a home builder by trade which comes in handy at home too! This is his dream home. He really wanted something he could put his mark on and make his own.
Clearly we are both a little crazy to remodel a house while living in it with two babies.
The little Butlers
Baker - He is 2 years old but if you ask him he will tell you he is 3...then 4...then 5. Oh well one of these days he will get it right. He is BOSSY! and remembers everything (except his age) He is on the go all day long and a bundle of fun.
Fisher - He came along and surprised us all! He is a goober. He is so sweet and will just melt into your chest when you hold him. He smiles all the time except for when he is in the high chair. This kid has some serious food issues.



  1. Hi! Mrs. Smith, here from Keeping Up With Mrs. Smith. You commented on a recent post and I was curious as to how you heard of my blog. I'm guessing since I LOVE DOWN THE STREET FROM YOU?? How cool is that?

  2. Megan - I LOVE reading your blog and watching your house come along!! Will you have an open house when it's finished? I hope so! You are so creative - I love all of your ideas. We need to host the Butlers for a meal - I should be recovered from foot surgery after Thanksgiving, so I will call you to plan a good night. :)