Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter 2017

The Butler crew enjoyed a fabulous Easter weekend.

Saturday morning we started off with a little relaxing reading time! Ha! This never happens at our house, but I was cleaning up and Austin was running some errands and I noticed the boys were extra quiet! I found them quietly enjoying some books! For once they were not wrestling each other! 

I've been asking Austin for an outdoor table since we moved two years ago! He has had a long list of projects and finally got around to building us a table. 

The boys loved helping! 

And the table turned out fabulous! 

We have enough chairs around it for 10 people! It's amazing. 

After a full Saturday, I sat out the boys Easter baskets and their Easter Sunday clothes! 

Baker has a HUGE issue with jeans and really any clothes he doesn't think are comfortable so we had a major pep talk about it the night before! He got dressed before we could look through his basket on Sunday morning and we had zero issues! It was awesome! 

Baker -  "My church friends are going to love my fancy clothes"

Apparently jeans are fancy clothes in the Butler house! 

I helped out in Fisher's Sunday school class and he kept us all entertained! 


After church we hosted 11 adults and 5 kids for lunch at our house!! We had the best time! 

We wrapped up our afternoon with an egg hunt! 

And then a long walk! 

I completely forgot about dying eggs but a certain 4 year old did NOT!! He reminded me over and over and Monday morning we dyed eggs! 

The boys loved it!! And then Baker proceeded to peel and eat 4 boiled eggs! I had to cut him off. 

We had the very best Easter celebrating as a family!