Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Favorites 3.24.17

Happy Friday friends!!
I'm linking up for Friday favorites with my girls Erika, Narci and Andrea. 

1. Our first family camping trip was a top favorite this week! 

You can see highlights here! We had the BEST time! 

2. Thanks to my friend Shay, I picked up this book to read during our camping trip. 
It started off a little slow to me. There were a tons of characters and I couldn't decide who was important! (also I didn't start it till we were at our camp so it could have been that I was completely distracted!) But it quickly picked up and I really enjoyed it. 

3. Speaking of Shay, her new cookbook is so good! You can pre order it here!(click picture for link!)

I let the boys pick out several recipes to make together. 

 It's a favorite at our house for sure! Baker is actually calling it his cookbook.  

And speaking of  our favorites, her Strawberry Lemon Bread from Mix and Match Mama Eats is a big hit with everyone. I made it for a playdate and the kids (and moms!) devoured it. I have probably made it 10+ times since I got the cookbook this fall. 

4. Fisher is officially paci free! We told him if he would ditch the paci that he could pick any treat he wanted from the store. 
And his favorite thing was this soccer ball! 

5. These boys enoyed cowboy day at school a few weeks ago! It's one of their favorite days of the year!  

I was really impressed that Fisher was brave enough to ride one of the Hardin Simmons Six White Horses! 

6. And just a few recent pictures of my favorite boys....

I pretty much let Baker dress himself all the time. He is very creative!

cuddling his baby brother!

Happy weekend friends!!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Camping Abilene State Park

I accidently fell off the blogging train! Whoops! This has been my life lately.....

And sometimes this too...


We are going on a big camping trip to Big Bend in a few weeks. We have been gathering supplies for a few week and the boys are so excited. A few weeks ago we attempted a backyard camp out....

AND it was a TOTAL disaster! I slept inside and the boys were not pleased. (but hello, I'm pregnant and my bed was right there!) The entire adventure was a complete wreck. 

We decided to attempt round 2 before we ended up with a disaster in the middle of a National Park!

We headed out to Abilene State Park, and I'm happy to report that we had the BEST time!

We set up camp. 

Then I did a lot of relaxing and reading. 

And the boys played in the dirt. 

We enjoyed a little family walk. 

And Fisher just couldn't hang! 

We wrapped up our night with some grilled burgers! 

And some more dirt...

The boys thought it was so funny that they got to go to bed dirty! 

I did a little more reading while the boys slept. 

And the next morning we all woke up refreshed!! HA! okay so maybe that's not exactly what happened. The air mattress we brought for me was a huge bust! I ended up snuggling up next to Fisher on a toddler (crib sized!) air mattress. It was a little rough! 

Someone also should have reminded me about all the up and down and squatting that goes with camping! I was feeling rather large by the end of the trip! 

Over all I would say this was a very successful trip! Everyone had a really good time. We unplugged and spent time together as a family. The boys got to play outside all day which is their favorite! We can't wait for a big trip in a few weeks!