Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My Loves

Happy Valentine's Day friends!! Today I'm linking up with Andrea for her Show and Tell Tuesday. Today I am talking about My LOVES!!

Up first of course is my husband, Austin. 

Austin and I met at Texas A&M in fall of 2005. We were both standing in the cafeteria line at the 12th man in the Memorial Student Center (MSC) getting lunch. He happened to be with a mutual friend and we became casual acquaintances that day. We would often see each other on a campus and stop and chat but nothing ever beyond a casual friendship. 

Several months later my friend Deena ended up hanging out with Austin in a big group. Later she told me how we should get to know each other better because we would be best friends. 

In the fall of 2006, I had a biology class on the engineering side of campus and I ran into Austin one day going to class. He asked me for my phone number and I was pretty ecstatic. 

Then a week went by and he never called! I messaged him on facebook and invited him to go to an event with me. We had our first date shortly after on November 21, 2006. 

This picture was taken the night he proposed on March 28, 2008. 

We were married November 29, 2008. 

We've had numerous jobs and been through several transitions together. (side note we look so well rested in all of these before kid pictures!) 

We lived in an apartment and two different houses together. We made a big move from Mckinney to Abilene almost 2 years ago. 

We both love to travel. 

Austin loves to garden. He enjoys good craft beer. He loves camping and building things. 

He is very meticulous and great with numbers and math. He will be the designated helper with all math homework at our house. 

In August of 2011 and April 2012 we lost two little loves that we can't wait to snuggle in heaven one day. Those were some of the hardest days of our lives, but we also grew so much during that time. 

February of 2013 we were blessed with our first born, Baker. 

We were so in love with our baby boy. Lots of prayers went into his pregnancy and we were over the moon. 

Baker just turned 4!! He loves monster trucks! They have consistently been his favorite thing for the last year. He loves playing outside and reading books. 
He has so much enthusiasm and can light up a room. He does everything with his WHOLE heart. That being said he is also our difficult child!! He wholeheartedly throws fits but then turns around and loves you more than anyone else. He keeps us on our toes! and he keeps reading lots of parenting books. 

9 months after Baker came into this world we were SHOCKED to find out we were pregnant with Fisher.

Fisher was born in August 2014. And once again we were over the moon excited. 

Fisher is 2.5 years old. He has the best personality. He is sweet and tenderhearted.  Last week when Baker had to get his 4 year old shots Fisher cried with Baker. He could just feel his pain. I know the day is coming where he will point and laugh at his brother, but how sweet is that?! He is typically very easy going, unless of course you are trying to feed him something he doesn't like. He is my favorite napping buddy and we take the best naps together! 

 He completely owns me with his precious personality and adorable expressions. 

He absolutely LOVES the water. If there is a way he will be completely soaked at all times!! He wants to be outside all the time and thrives when he just gets to run and play! 

AND our latest little love, 

Baby boy #3 is coming our way in July! 

I know God has big plans for this little boy and that he will fit perfectly into our family. 

These boys are my loves!! I never Pictured myself raising a bunch of boys, but it's seriously the best thing ever! And their daddy is pretty amazing too. 

We are also surrounded by amazing family on both sides that have helped shape our family. I know we are extremely lucky!! 

Hope everyone has a happy Valentine's Day!! 

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  1. I love, love, love the pics of you and Austin :).

  2. You have the sweetest boys! They are precious! I can't wait to "meet" baby boy # 3!

  3. What a beautiful growing family you have!! Wishing you and yours the happiest Valentine's Day! - Brenda // ChattingOverChocolate.com

  4. I'm so glad you messaged him on FB!! Sometimes the girls have to reach out. Just ask Tab. ;)