Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Butler Boy #3!!

We are expecting baby number 3 in July!!

We had a few complication at the begining of the pregnancy so we ended up doing the genetic blood testing at 12 weeks which also tells you the gender. I am high risk so I get a sonogram at every doctors appointment and my doctor told me at 12 weeks that he was 90% sure we were having another boy. 

A week later we got a phone call that confirmed baby #3 was in fact a BOY!! And most importantly the baby is completely healthy! YAY! Now this is Austin's dream. Three boys and he is over the moon. It took me a little bit longer to process three boys!! ha! We kept this information to oursleves for a few weeks. 

Initially we weren't going to tell ANYONE until Baker's birthday but we ended up knowing the gender a lot earlier than I thought, and I just couldn't keep it a secret from our parents for a month! 

We still thought it would be fun to celebrate! We had cookies made for Baker's birthday and a special cookie made to reveal the gender. It was double sided cookie made by thecookiemomstercarrie with BLUE sprinkles inside! 

We cracked it open to find the BLUE sprinkles!

Baker has been team boy since we told him we were having a baby. He was really insitent that he would have another baby brother. Good thing he was right! 

He also insists that he gets to name the baby. 
His top 3 name contenders are: 

Baker Uncle Michael Butler
 Noah Butler 
 Toaster Oven Butler 

We are so excited to add a little brother to our family in July. 


  1. Tell Baker he is not allowed to name this baby. That is MY job! :) Congratulations friend! You are going to rock at having three boys!!

  2. Yay Butler Family!!! Can't wait to meet boy #3! 💙

  3. So so excited for your crew!!! Can't wait to meet Baby #3!