Monday, February 6, 2017

Baker's 4th Birthday!

We had the BEST day on Saturday celebrating our favorite 4 year old!!  

If the monster truck theme feels familiar, it's because we had a 3rd birthday monster truck bash too! Baker has been obsessed with monster trucks every since we saw them last year. His toy monster trucks are one of the most played with toys at our house and I was happy to throw him a monster truck themed family party again! 

We started the morning with yummy pancakes and lots of play time. 

Me - Let's make a 4 with your monster trucks and take a picture.
Baker - Let's line them up and measure me by my monsters trucks.
Me - Well alright.

I got some 4 year old snuggles while we rested up for his party!! 

Baker requested - cookies, cupcakes and cold pizza for dinner! (he's going to make a great teenager!) 

My friend Carrie over at Cookiemomster made these amazing cookies.  

My mom, sister, brother in-law and nephews came over to join in the fun! 

We ate dinner, danced and opened a few presents. 

Then we sang happy birthday and enjoyed some sweets! 

Then this happened.....

Baby boy #3...stayed tuned we will talk about this more tomorrow. 

Love this crew!! I am so thankful they came to help us celebrate. 

After all the excitement, we loaded up the older boys and headed to the monster truck show! 

I could not get over his cheeks!! 

We watched monster trucks do wheelies, race and wreck! The boys loved it!! I can't believe our little boy is now 4!! It's been a great year! 

We love you Baker!!! 

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  1. Three precious boys!! Megan!! I'm so happy for you!!!!