Friday, February 3, 2017

Baker turns 4!!!

This little boy turns FOUR on Saturday! 

He is the most enthusiastic little boy that I have ever been around. He gets so pumped about the little things and uses the best voices ever to show his excitement. He is obsessed with monster trucks and all things cars. He requested cookies, cupcakes and cold pizza for his birthday dinner. He is a fantastic big brother and he has a kind heart. He loves going to school two days a week and rarely tells me good-bye. Thursdays at his school are treasure box days and he will often pick a toy out just for Fisher. It melts my heart every time. His favorite place to go is the sandbox playground otherwise known as Blue Sky.  He asks to go daily. His favorite time of the week is his "brand new music class" at church. He loves going to choir and sings constantly. He also gives the best kisses!!

I can't even believe that we get to be his parents. He lights up our world. (sometimes with crazy out of control fits but mostly with his passion for life)  He gives everything his all!! 

How has it been four years since he was born? Time slow down!! 

Here are a few highlights from his year as a 3 year old...

He attended his first Rattlesnake Roundup! 

He arranged his cars almost daily. 

Took a little trip to Fossil Rim. 

He LOVED the beach. 

He took 2 weeks of swim lessons, 

He took his first road trip to Colorado! 

He started his second year of preschool.

He attended his first wedding and danced the night away! 

He went trick-or-treating.  

He attended his first Aggie tailgate! 

And got to meet Santa! 

I would say he had a pretty fantastic year as a 3 year old!!

Look out 4 here we come!!!


  1. Four?!?! How can that be??? Happy birthday sweet Baker!!

  2. Love that little boy! Happy Birthday, Baker!