Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My Loves

Happy Valentine's Day friends!! Today I'm linking up with Andrea for her Show and Tell Tuesday. Today I am talking about My LOVES!!

Up first of course is my husband, Austin. 

Austin and I met at Texas A&M in fall of 2005. We were both standing in the cafeteria line at the 12th man in the Memorial Student Center (MSC) getting lunch. He happened to be with a mutual friend and we became casual acquaintances that day. We would often see each other on a campus and stop and chat but nothing ever beyond a casual friendship. 

Several months later my friend Deena ended up hanging out with Austin in a big group. Later she told me how we should get to know each other better because we would be best friends. 

In the fall of 2006, I had a biology class on the engineering side of campus and I ran into Austin one day going to class. He asked me for my phone number and I was pretty ecstatic. 

Then a week went by and he never called! I messaged him on facebook and invited him to go to an event with me. We had our first date shortly after on November 21, 2006. 

This picture was taken the night he proposed on March 28, 2008. 

We were married November 29, 2008. 

We've had numerous jobs and been through several transitions together. (side note we look so well rested in all of these before kid pictures!) 

We lived in an apartment and two different houses together. We made a big move from Mckinney to Abilene almost 2 years ago. 

We both love to travel. 

Austin loves to garden. He enjoys good craft beer. He loves camping and building things. 

He is very meticulous and great with numbers and math. He will be the designated helper with all math homework at our house. 

In August of 2011 and April 2012 we lost two little loves that we can't wait to snuggle in heaven one day. Those were some of the hardest days of our lives, but we also grew so much during that time. 

February of 2013 we were blessed with our first born, Baker. 

We were so in love with our baby boy. Lots of prayers went into his pregnancy and we were over the moon. 

Baker just turned 4!! He loves monster trucks! They have consistently been his favorite thing for the last year. He loves playing outside and reading books. 
He has so much enthusiasm and can light up a room. He does everything with his WHOLE heart. That being said he is also our difficult child!! He wholeheartedly throws fits but then turns around and loves you more than anyone else. He keeps us on our toes! and he keeps reading lots of parenting books. 

9 months after Baker came into this world we were SHOCKED to find out we were pregnant with Fisher.

Fisher was born in August 2014. And once again we were over the moon excited. 

Fisher is 2.5 years old. He has the best personality. He is sweet and tenderhearted.  Last week when Baker had to get his 4 year old shots Fisher cried with Baker. He could just feel his pain. I know the day is coming where he will point and laugh at his brother, but how sweet is that?! He is typically very easy going, unless of course you are trying to feed him something he doesn't like. He is my favorite napping buddy and we take the best naps together! 

 He completely owns me with his precious personality and adorable expressions. 

He absolutely LOVES the water. If there is a way he will be completely soaked at all times!! He wants to be outside all the time and thrives when he just gets to run and play! 

AND our latest little love, 

Baby boy #3 is coming our way in July! 

I know God has big plans for this little boy and that he will fit perfectly into our family. 

These boys are my loves!! I never Pictured myself raising a bunch of boys, but it's seriously the best thing ever! And their daddy is pretty amazing too. 

We are also surrounded by amazing family on both sides that have helped shape our family. I know we are extremely lucky!! 

Hope everyone has a happy Valentine's Day!! 

Show and Tell Tuesday:

Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday Favorites 2.10.17

YAY!!! It's Friday! 

I'm linking up with Erika, Andrea and Narci for Friday Favorites! 

The Butler boys have been down with fever on and off for the last 10-ish days so it's been a LONG week here! They took turns getting sick, but neither had terribly bad symptoms besides fever. We  have gotten a lot of snuggle time!! Which brings us to our first favorite...


I grabbed this movie on Wednesday and we've already watched it a few times. It's sooooo cute! The boys loved it, and Austin and I laughed out loud many times. The music is fantastic., and the story line is silly but funny. 

We highly recommend it!

We've also been having lots of dance parties to the soundtrack!! Did you know you can listen to the entire soundtrack on pandora? 

2. We've also had a lot of playtime!! Fisher loves pretending to drink out of this lego cup. 

He is really into legos right now! They are a favorite for both boys. 

3. These "super fast race cars" are a HUGE hit at our house. We got Fisher one for Christmas 2 years ago and they've been "sharing" it every since. I was really tired of the constant battle, so we got Baker a blue one for his birthday. 

The last few days, the boys have been healthy enough to play outside!! The weather has been fabulous and the vitamin-D has been good for everyone!

Our driveway is huge and wraps aroundt the back of our house. When we play outside I often shut our driveway gate so they boys are confimed, but it's extra fun to play with the gate open. It makes the perfect race track!

(side note: I bought the first one on sale for around $35 and never bought a second because they are expensive. I kept waiting for it to go on sale and it didn't! So I ordered the cheaper version and they wheels were bent when we got it in the mail, so I reordered the actual plasma car. If you decide to get one, I highly recommend you spend the money and order the real thing!) 

4. I read this Nancy Thayer book this week. It was really cute! 

Since the kids have had extra TV time, I have had extra reading time. I sometimes sit with them on the couch and read while they watch TV. Anyone else do this? They like me to be with them but I just don't care about watching animal mechanicals over and over again!

5. Being married to this guy is my favorite!
We talked a little bit about marriage this week on the blog! 

6. BABY #3 is my very favorite highlight of the week!! Thank you for all your sweet congrats! We are very excited! 

Hope everyone has a happy weekend!!! 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Workin' It Wednesday - Marriage

Today I'm linking up with Shay and Erika for Workin' It Wednesdays! Today's topic is Keeping Your Marriage Strong! 

Wow!! Why does this topic make me so nervous!! HA! Anyone else?   I think it's because I'm obviously not an expert. And we've only been married 8 years, so I think we still have a lot to learn!  but I'll try to lay out a few things that work for us.

1. Love languages - 

We took an 8 week marriage class while we were engaged. One of the things we did was read through this book. Wow. It was really eye opening to read through the different love languages and distinguish what languages ranked highest for each of us. 

The 5 love languages are:
Physical Touch 
Quality Time
Acts of Service
Words of Affirmation

Mine have actually changed over the years. Physical touch used to be my number one, but it has now been replaces by acts of service. I think the change for me goes hand-in-hand with being a mom! There is nothing better to me than Austin cleaning the whole entire kitchen. Now that is sexy! So I think paying attention to shifts and being aware of your partners needs can go a long way. Nothing makes Austin happier than sitting right next to me on the couch and getting a back scratch. 

2. Quality Time - Yes this is a love language!! But I feel like the more time we spending doing stuff together the more in sync we are as a couple and as a family. Honestly we really like to do stuff as a big family! It's really fun and we enjoy each other. I also really enjoying doing something together each night after our kids go to bed. Typically we watch a show together (right now it's Friends!), or we both read etc. 

3. Relationship Mentors - Having someone in your life that you can look up to and model your relationship after can really help too. Is there someone that you can go to for help or advice? If not seek out some people! You don't have to formally ask them to mentor you, but start working on your relationship with them. 

4. Money - We both respect our finances. Lots of couples fight over money. Luckily I am married to someone who has the same money values as I do. Our thoughts on money naturally align but we have also put some time into working on this area together. We've done both Crown Financial and Dave Ramsey as a couple. I would highly recommend checking out these classes if you haven't. We also run big purchases by each other before we buy stuff. That way there are not suprises at the end of the month. 

5. Dates - I love date nights. It's important for us to break away from our house and kids and just enjoy each other. We also love kidless vacations! It's a lot of work to arrange babysitters but it's totally worth it!! 

This is really good timing because we are actually attending a marriage conference this weekend!! 
Dr. Tim Kimmel from Family Matters is coming to our church to put on The Grace Filled Marriage. I'm really excited to go! I'll let you know if I learn anything good!!

And now I'm off to give my hubby a back scratch because I'm feeling a little guilty!