Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday - Splurge vs. Steal

Today I'm linking up with Andrea over at momfessionals for Show and Tell Tuesday. Today we are talking about our SPLURGES VS. STEALS. 

Let's start with our steals:

When my babies were first born, I only put them in Pampers Swaddlers because the are the BEST diapers. We tried a few different brands and always went back to Pampers, but then I discovered Target brand diapers. They've even redone them in the last few months and made them softer and now they have a wet indicator down the front just like swaddlers. They constantly have sales where they offer buy 2 boxes and get a gift card. Cartwheel typically has a discount code too! 

Target diapers are our steal, but for the record we still splurge on pampers wipes. I bought target brand once when Baker was young and he said "ouch ouch ouch" everytime I used them on him. HA!

Books is a steal for us, but not literally because we are faithful library users! I think stealing is frowned upon. I've mentioned several times that my mom is a librarian and I've just always been in the habit of checking books out from the library! The only times I like to buy books is if I'm doing a bible study and I want to mark the pages. OR if it's a christian book that I want to mark or refer back to in the future. 

We cut our cable about 5 years ago and never looked back! We have this antenna installed in our attic. (click on imagine for link) 
We get all the local channels (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX), but we only occasionally watch live TV. We mostly just use it for news! We use netflix and hulu for all our shows.

We rarely eat out, and we cook most of our meals at home which saves us tons of money. I also shop meat in bulk at Sams and freeze it. I buy the huge containers of beef and cook it before I freeze it. I typically leave part of it plain for pasta etc. and make the other half into taco meat. (this is a huge time saver too!) Sams also has great quality chicken! 

Now the fun stuff that we splurge on:


I was always a believer in cheap sunglasses, but 2 years ago I splurged on a pair of Raybans and I love them. If something were to happen to them I would replace them immediately because I love them that much! Also I've worn them daily for 2 years so cost per wear is only about 15 cents! These are the exact pair I have. (click picture for link)

We splurged on a good stroller when we were pregnant with Fisher, and it is one of our most used purchases! 

There are lots of baby items that I would recommend skipping but a good stroller is important!

This barefoot dreams cardigan is another one of my favorite purchases ever!! It's so soft. 

Other items that I personally believe are worth the splurge:
Obviously this is all personal preference and some of these are silly!

Nice Sheets
Comfortable mattress (life changing!)
Bounty Paper towels
Quilted Northern Toilet Paper
Name brand cheeses
house shoes

I love hunting for good deals and finding great products on sale too!  
YAY fun! Thanks Andrea for the linkup! 



  1. I love your splurges versus steals girl!!

  2. I'm a splurged on paper towels and toilet paper too!!!

  3. I can't believe I left out toilet paper and paper towels...AND peanut butter. Only JIF for this girl here!!!!

  4. We also save with an antenna like that! Such a great idea!