Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday Favorites 1/6/2017

Happy Friday friends!!! 

I'm linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea for Friday Favorites!

1. Fisher started school this week! There was an opening at Baker's school and we decided it was a good time to start him! He will go 2 days a week just like Baker. 

We talked it up a lot! And he was excited to go! 

When Baker saw this glue practice page he said "I am so proud of Fisher. We are going to keep this forever."

Baker has loved having Fisher at his school and has filled him in on all the rules. 
1. There is no crying at school
2. You can't have accidents at school either 

That's a 3 year old's version of school rules. 
And his teachers sent me this picture on Thursday!! They found each other during their recess time!! Seriously these boys are my favorite! I love how proud Baker is to have Fisher at school with him. 

2. One of our house rules is that all food stays at the table. It's one of those rules that we strictly enforce because it keeps our house much cleaner if we do!! Fisher's favorite thing is to sneak food out of the kitchen. He is so obvious about it and makes us laugh all the time. He has a specific sneak walk and pout. 

Thursday night Austin had already told him to go back to the kitchen several times and then we found him hiding with his apples. 

He's our rule breaker! But he sure is cute. 

3. Katie came to visit this week!! Katie was a student in my biology class 6 years ago. After Baker was born she started babysitting for us and now she is a part of our family. . We love when she visits! 

While the boys were at school we enjoyed a little shopping and ate lunch at one of my favorite places!! 

Hickory Street has the best lunch!! I'm still dreaming about the broccoli Parmesan soup!! Yum!

 4. One of my favorite things about teaching is watching my former students grow into adults! I love when they include me on things like texts about their life! When I am really lucky they come to visit! Courtnie stopped by this week on her way back to Tech! (but we didn't take a pic boo!) I love seeing these girls grow up! 

5. Last week my AMAZING in laws took my kids home with them for a few days! 

Austin and I got to enjoy a few of our favorite things kid free! 
We went to the movies together for the first time in 3 years! 

I slept in and watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers in the middle of the day! (without being interrupted) 

And I managed to read a few books!

We've been on a few trips without kids but this was the first time in almost 4 years to be home alone without kids! It was really nice and relaxing! 

And the kids did some of their favorite things too!

6. Then we all met up at Grandmother Butler's house to celebrate Butler family Christmas together!

These hipster glasses quickly became everyone's favorite! 

Before we left town we made a quick trip to the Waco Zoo with my brother's family!!

That pretty much wraps up all our recent favorites!! Happy Friday friends!! 


  1. Stopping by from Friday Favorites, LOVE the kayak in the pool! Have a great weekend!


  2. What an amazing week! Some much needed quiet time is such a blessing. It's good for you and the boys! The picture of the two of them at school is adorable. Glad he did so well! And our youngest is the rule breaker too. He's so funny about it, it's seriously work not to laugh. Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  3. I love Christmas Break! I was able to watch movies and read, it was glorious. It looks like you all had a wonderful week and Christmas break. Have a great weekend!

  4. Those glasses are too funny! That's great that your former students keep in touch! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. It looks like it was a successful first week of school - hooray!!