Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2016

This year we spent Christmas at our house and it was fabulous!! Austin's parents came for the weekend to celebrate with us too. On Christmas Eve, my mom came for the day to our annual cookie making festivities. 

We started out the day with a little reading with Honey! 

And then we baked cookies! 

We iced and sampled a few. 

Later that evening we headed to church for the family service. We watched Austin play in the orchestra. The boys LOVED seeing their dad on stage. 

Then we came home and had our annual tamale dinner. We finished up the night opening new Christmas jammies! 

The boys left out cookies and milk for Santa! They also wanted to leave carrots for the reindeer too. 

Sweet dreams little boy. 


We spent all day playing with their new toys and enjoying family time. 

We ended the night playing Ticket to Ride with Mike and Ann. 

This was our best Christmas yet! The boys were the perfect age to really enjoy the magic of the season. I hope everyone else had an amazing Christmas too! 

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  1. Those Christmas jammies are adorable! And the cookie session looks like so much fun and extra yummy. So glad you all had such a great Christmas! Happy New Year too!