Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Fisher James Church Dedication

We dedicated Fisher at church this last Sunday. We moved to Abilene when Fisher was 10 months old, and we hadn't had the chance to dedicate him at our former church. Then through this last year we really took our time finding the right church home for us. When we joined First Baptist in September, one of the first things I wanted to do was dedicate our boy!

His dedication was so sweet and personal. Dr. Christopher, our pastor, proclaimed God's word over Fisher's life. He also included Baker and it was such a blessing to us as parents.

After church we had served 16 people for lunch at our house. I love being surrounded by our people. 

And the boys wrestled...

And wrestled some more...

The boys took a spin on the floor. 

And the Butler crew joined them so we could finally get a picture with everyone fully clothed. 

Love this sweet boy!! Thank you to everyone who has walked this parenting journey with us. 

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