Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Stranded - Favorite Halloween Candy

YAY! It's time for STRANDED with two of my favorite ladies, Shay and Erika! 

It's so much fun to read these posts each month! 

This month we are sharing the top 3 Halloween candies that we would want to indulge on our island. 

Halloween is probably my least favorite holiday. 
Halloween does have a few upsides though. It is a great day to get out in your neighborhood and meet people!  I'm excited to take my kids around this year and make a few new friends. And the candy that is definitely an upside. 

My favorite holiday for candy is Easter. Seriously they make really good Easter candy. But I have discovered that my favorite Easter candy now comes in a delightful little pumpkin!

Yes! Thank you Russell Stover! This would be my top pick for Halloween candy. 

I'll probably be sneaking peanut butter m&m's from kiddos bags too. shhh...don't tell.

And Snickers

Really candy bars are take it or leave for me. Anyone else feel that way? My favorite kind of candy is actually the homemade kind!! 

Patricia Hamilton's Penuche ranks at the very top for me. It's nostaglic and I love it. Maybe she will be kind enough to let me share the recipe! 

And my mom makes an awesome toffee around Christmas that I love too. 

And if my boys were stranded too, here is what they would want:

Baker's favorite candy is m&m's!

Fisher's favorite candy is starburst!

And Austin loves a Butterfinger!

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  1. Okay, I forgot all about Russel Stover's cream candy! Yes! Love these too!!

  2. Your littles are just so cute!! I'd definitely pick some PB M&Ms as well :) So good!

  3. You are soooo my daughter! I would pick the exact same candies! Psst, I wonder if I could sneak in some Turtles too?

    1. YES!! I love turtles too! we need to make some penuche for Christmas! Or for today...ha!

  4. And I do love Patricia's penuche recipe. She has probably forgotten that she gave it to me years ago and that I've been making it ever since. I think she told me once that Bobette brought the recipe home from FHA or home economics class, so it may go back to Kathy Owen.

    1. Yes, that's the best one ever and I'm glad you are still making it. This blog is making me hungry for candy. :) (Patricia)