Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Jayton Homecoming 2016

This weekend we enjoyed Jayton homecoming! I've mentioned before that I grew up in a really small town in West Texas. Every two years EVERYONE comes back to celebrate homecoming. It is a big town reunion and so much fun! The high school students are involved in the festivities too, but it is truly about the exes of Jayton schools! There is a town dance at the firehouse and everyone is invitied. It's quirky, fun and something I look forward to attending every two years!

The boys and I drove over on Thursday afternoon so we could go to the bonfire! 

The Spray crew! Cooper took care of Baker all weekend and it was awesome! 

My little sister!

On Friday we went to the Pep Rally! 

And then enjoyed some cookies in the learning center. (side note: Austin and I had our wedding reception in the learning center almost 8 years ago. It was really sweet to see my kids play in the same space!) 

They picked out mommy's class picture! 

And then they found their honey's picture! (my mom!) 

We also found our buddy Mike Wilson. Baker said "That's not Mike, he doesn't have that kind of hair." 

Friday night we attending the football game. Jayton plays 6-man football and there is a 45 point rule. If you are ahead by 45 points at half-time then the game is over. Jayton won at the half. 

Baker made friends with the son of my high school classmate, Heather. They were so sweet together!

Fisher had such a long day that he took a nap!

My people!! Love them. 

Saturday we watched the parade! And gathered tons of candy!

Our favorite cowgirls made an appearance on the Hardin Simmons Six White Horses! 

The boys LOVED the parade. 

Then we headed to the school for a big town lunch. 

After lunch it was time for class reunions. 

I enjoyed hanging out with a few of my classmates and reminiscing about our time at JHS! When you only have 16 kids in your class and 120 kids in prek-12th grade, everyone becomes like family. I feel blessed that I can call Jayton my home. We loved homecoming 2016 and can't wait for the next one! 


  1. I love how much your small town celebrates! That is just so cool!

  2. I love that you live close enough to come home!