Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday Favorites 10.14.16

Happy Friday friends!! 
It's time for Friday favorites with Erika, Narci and Andrea. 

1. Our new church is my favorite! Seriously we couldn't love the people more!
Everyone is incredibly friendly and welcoming. And I've never seen so many multi-generational friendships in a church before. It's really awesome! 

This week FBC hosted a fall picnic. We had the best time. The kids played like crazy, and we were the last to leave. That seems to be a Butler habit. We are always the last to leave. 

Okay seriously!! I love my boys. 

And speaking of our church, we will be hosting a trunk-or-treat on October 26th from 5:30-7:00 P.M. We would love for you to come with us!

2. This came home in Baker's backpack this week. 
I love that we live in a town that honors life. We are not able to go, but I wish we could. Love this. 

3. Jayton homecoming is one of my favorite things ever!! 

I did a recap earlier this week! 

4. We discussed our favorite Halloween candy during Stranded this week. 
These are some of my favorite posts to read!

5. On Monday night we went to Mr. Gatti's with some friends for Paw Patrol night! Paw Patrol is a favorite at the Butler house!! 

It was pure craziness! Seriously! We had fun but it was chaotic!

Then we all went to watch the guys play in the church softball league. 

There were 6 boys (2-4 years) all playing monster trucks in the stands. They had the best time! Then about 5 minutes before the game ended, everyone hit their max and it turned crazy fast! 
I'm not sure the daddies will invite us back again! 

My boys love their daddy!

That's it for today friends!! Happy weekend! 


  1. Your town's homecoming was my favorite thing from your blog this week! I love the small town spirit!!

  2. Aw!! I love that you guys like to shut a place down. Ha! Pretty cool that Paw Patrol cane to Gatti's Pizza!