Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Bortnick Family

On Saturday over at The Abilene Post, I introduced you to The Bortnick Family. 

I want to encourage you to head over and read their story. 

It's a story full of love, faith, adoption and a special little girl named Addison. 

In the story, I mentioned that Becca and The Upside Down Club had delivered care baskets to families in the hospitals after babies were born with Down syndrome. Becca felt major promptings from God specifically telling her "babies are coming and the club needed to get ready." That's exactly what Becca did! She made four Tubs of Love and was ready for new babies. Before she even completed the tubs four babies were born with Down Syndrome. 


One of the delivered tubs has an extra special story!! 

Becca met a sweet girl named Jessica at a church retreat.  Jessica was pregnant with a healthy baby girl. A few weeks after the retreat, Becca photographed Jessica for her maternity pictures. During the photoshoot Jessica was in labor, and she went to the hopsital right after the shoot to welcome her baby girl. The next day Becca felt a very strong prompting from the Lord to head straight to the hospital. She felt like God was telling her that Jessica's baby girl was born with Down syndrome. She grabbed a tub and headed to the hospital. When she walked into the room, sure enough Jessica's baby had just been diagnosed with Down sydrome. They hadn't told anyone yet, but Becca knew because God had told her.

Becca posted her personal story on facebook and you can read it here:

God is Amazing!!!At many times through my journey with The Upside Down Club I have been completely blown away at how God is using me to do his work and the promptings I have felt in my heart! I want to share one of my testimonies on how Amazing GOD is!! 
About 3 months ago I was having major promptings from the Holy Spirit. Everyday for a few weeks I heard "Babies are coming and our club needed to get ready" I made 2 girl baskets and 2 boy baskets to welcome new babies into our club and to show the families love and support... I named them "Tubs Of LOVE". Before the tubs were even all the way finished we got 2 girl babies and 2 boy babies born with Down syndrome to welcome to our club! I couldn't believe it!!!
Something even more amazing happened! With one of these sweet babies God had already placed me right where he wanted me. I met my new sweet friend Jessica at Beltway's Released Retreat. Jessica and I were placed in the same group. She was pregnant and looking forward to meeting her new healthy baby girl. A few weeks later I did her maternity photoshoot with her husband and two little boys. To our surprise she was in labor during the photoshoot and went to the hospital right after the shoot to welcome her baby girl Paisley into the world. 
The next day I went to pick up my mom from the airport. She came to visit us from Colorado. After I picked her up I apologized to her but told her I had to go because I was having a strong prompting that was telling me I needed to go to the Hospital NOW! I called my husband and told him I dropped my mom off at our house because I was feeling an overwhelming urge that is prompting me to go to the hospital NOW because I think Jessica's baby has Down syndrome.... What....?????No that can't be.......He said "Can you imagine if that was true ??? How amazing would it be that God put you in her life right now?" I couldn't explain it and I was sure I could be mistaken but when you feel the Holy Spirit prompting you like I did... You listen and walk in obedience even when you feel doubt in your understanding.
I at that time didn't know Jessica very well at all, other then hanging with her at the church camp and doing her photoshoot so it was pretty uncomfortable for me just going to her room, but I continued to trust in the lord! 
I knocked and went in and immediately felt a sadness in the room. I asked if everything was ok and Jessica with tears in her eyes told me her baby girl was just diagnosed with Down syndrome and she has not told anyone other then her family. Wow!!! God has me right where he wants me..... Overwhelmed with emotion My first response to Jessica was with tears in my eyes "This may sound crazy but I already know she has Down syndrome because God prompted me to come here right now" She was very confused because she did not know that I along with two other women Susan Pate & DeeDee Moore Baker run The Upside Down Club....a support group for Down syndrome here in Abilene. I asked her if she knew that I also have a daughter with Down syndrome. She didn't. She said the Dr had just came into the room before me and told her about our club. So when I walked in she was looking on her phone at our clubs website. She saw a picture of my daughter Addison and was even more confused because she did not realize my daughter Addison even had Down syndrome. I told her about my journey adopting my daughter and why I choose this journey, I told her that God has a plan and it's so much bigger then us and she may not realize it yet but she has been given such a gift and her heart is going to be filled with a love and joy that she never thought possible. I encouraged her not to get overwhelmed in reading all the outdated material and all the negative about Down syndrome but instead shared with her One of the books in our "Tubs of LOVE" called "Reasons to Smile" by Andrea Knauss & Elizabeth Martins this book provides inspiration & encouragement with eye opening short stories of many loving life with Down syndrome. I got to sit on the bed with Jessica reading uplifting stories and filling her with hope and goodness about Down syndrome! We laughed and cried together! I can't explain the high I was on knowing how incredible Gods plan is... It's so much bigger then us or our understanding! Baby Paisley is absolutely beautiful and perfect just the way God made her!!! Jessica's family was absolutely wonderful and gave me a huge hug before I left telling me that I was their angel in this moment sharing light and love that they needed to hear. God is so Good how he uses each and everyone of us if we take the time to lean not on our own understanding but always trust in the lord and walk in faith! Please everyone welcome these 4 beautiful babies fearfully and wonderfully made with an extra chromosome and cover them and their families with love & prayers! God does not make mistakes!!! Every life has value and is a gift straight from above!!! Please please continue to shower these four precious babies Paisley, Elizabeth, Cooper, & Dalton with many many prayers, light & love! We pray they all grow stronger & healthier with each passing day!! 

-Becca Bortnick 

Wow! How incredible is that?! 

 You can watch a video of their amazing story here. 

And local Abilene folks:

The Upside Down Club will be hosting their 5th annual Buddy Walk on Saturday, September 17th from 9 A.M. to 12 P.M at Beltway Park Church. It is free and will be fun for the entire family. There will be fire trucks and bounce houses. May Farm will have a petting zoo. There will also be pony rides and princesses. There will be something for everyone. Come out and have a blast! The Upside Down Club also meets monthly, and they would love for you to join their family. You can head to their website for more information.

I hope to see you there! 

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  1. Wow! That made me cry. What an amazing story. And what a wonderful calling! I pray that Becca and The Upside Down Club continue to bless others with their love and service.