Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Stranded - Favorite Movies

It's time for Stranded with Erika and Shay (who is currently in China adopting baby #2!). 

Today we are talking about what 3 movies we would take with us if we were stranded on a deserted island. I'm going to be honest for a minute, I would love to be stranded on an island with a TV and DVD player. I can't remember the last time that I watched a movie all the way through without interuptions! I'm sure I would want to come home....eventually! But I think I could handle it for a few days especially if there was food, chocolate and wine!

I'm going to make a prediction right now that I picked the same movies as lots of ladies out there! I love a good chick flick, and I picked the movies I can watch over and over again.

1. Sweet Home Alabama

I love this movie.  McDreamy + Reese Witherspoon + Josh Lucas = adorable romatic comedy. At my high school if you were inducted into the National Honor Society, you were taken to a nice dinner and a movie every fall. The closest movie theatre was over an hour away so this was always something we looked forward to! In 2002, I was a junior in high school and the movie we picked was Sweet Home Alabama. Everytime I watch this movie, I am flooded with great memories of that night.

I loved it so much that I saw it again a month later! I recently found a box full of high school memorablia including lots of old ticket stubs to events!

2. The Holiday


I love Cameron Diaz and this is a movie I reach for over and over! It gets me in the holiday spirit every single time. I remember seeing this cute movie with my college besties!

3. Pride & Prejudice

Favorite book. Favorite movie. 

You have bewitched me in body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you - Mr. Darcy 

One of my favorite quotes from any movie ever! 

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  1. I love these movies too, but I would have to sneak in the Pride & Prejudice book as well. I'm on a desert island...nobody would know, right?

  2. Sweet Home Alabama is my all-time favorite! Great picks! :)

  3. What a great list!! Sweet Home it! ;)

  4. Love Pride and Prejudice! All the adaptations and book.

    1. Me too! It's so captivating every single time!