Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Rodeo and Oktoberfest!

We kicked off our weekend by heading to The West Texas Fair and Rodeo on Friday night. It started pouring right about the time we pulled up to the Expo Center. The weather has been terrible lately so we ran straight inside and skipped the carnival. 

Hardin Simmons' Six White Horses

Baker was ALL about the rodeo. He loved every second and watched the entire thing. I couldn't believe he sat so still and watched. 

Fisher on the other hand, was just there for the popcorn. 

Then our kids saw their FAVORITE people and forgot all about us. The Butler boys love Jenna and Kody. 

On Saturday afternoon, we headed to the Abilene Philharmonic Orchestra Oktoberfest. 
The boys enjoyed the petting zoo. 

I mean, they REALLY enjoyed the petting zoo. They fed all the animals. 

(look at Fisher's face!) 

And then they both rode the horse. 

We enjoyed a yummy dinner and some polka music. 

And then took our kids home to a babysitter. 

Austin and I returned to the civic center for the Abilene Philharmonic Orchestra concert. 

The concert was amazing. I just got to sit, rest and enjoy the relaxing music. It was the perfect date night for a busy mom of toddlers! 

On Sunday morning, Baker woke us up bright and early at 3 A.M. Normally he would cuddle up and go right back to bed, but he was having such a bad allergy attack that he wouldn't go back to sleep. 

Fast forward to 8:45 when it was time to load up for church and this is how I found him. 


We were planning on officially joining our new church that morning and I was NOT going to stay at home. I seriously felt like the devil was trying to keep us from church, and he wasn't going to win. 

Austin was already at church because he is now playing in the orchestra on Sunday mornings, which meant I was alone with the boys. 

 I loaded up Fisher and my sleeping three year old to the car. Baker didn't budge, and stayed fast asleep until I pulled up at church. 

If you know Baker, then you know he doesn't always wake up in the best mood. After a small battle, we all made it to our classes and we officially joined our new church. 

Our monkey....

We are so happy to have a new church home. We visited a lot of great churches and met a lot of amazing people over the last year.

 We are thankful to have a place that feels like home. 


  1. Glad you have a new church home. And it looks like the rest of your weekend was a success too!

  2. As always, I love hearing all about your weekend and seeing pictures! Love you and yours. (Patricia)