Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Favorites 9.16.2016

Happy Friday friends!!!!

I'm linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea for Friday Favorites!

1. We have a family wedding coming up and I found outfits for my boys this week. They were super cheap and I was ecstatic to find them! I love a good deal. It's my favorite. It is hard to get my boys to wear clothes. Seriously, if they had it their way they would be nude all the time. They were less than impressed with their little suits! 

Sorry bud! 

Stay tuned to see if we can get them to the wedding in these clothes. It might take a little bribery. 

2. Basil!!! Our garden is soooooo full of basil right now!
Look at this ginormous basil leaf! 

3. Speaking of gardens.... A few months ago, Austin planted milkweed in the hopes of attracting butterflies to our house. Needless to say he was stoked when this guy showed up this week!

Then he quickly cocooned himself above our window! Soooo cool! I am kicking myself for not taking a picture of him hanging there working on his cocoon! He just worked so fast! I couldn't believe it. 

4. One of my creepy stalker  SWEET and FAVORITE former students texted this picture to me yesterday! (hi Courtnie!) Crazy how much has changed in 5 years. 

5. One of my favorite things is shopping local! One of my friends makes shirts, and I ordered this one for a sweet little girl. 

6. I shared my top 3 favorite movies with you this week!
It was so fun to read some of yours too! 

AND finally....

7. I shared one of my favorite families with you this week! 
Click here to read their story!

And make sure you come out for The Buddy Walk on Saturday!
You can see a full list of Abilene events here!

Happy weekend friends!

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