Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday Favorites - First Day of School and Labor Day

Well Hello Friday!!
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School!!!!!!!Baker loves school! (mama loves it too!) It is his favorite. 

On Tuesday, he woke up bright and early! He was ready to go immediately. He tried to shove me out of bed...serveral times. 

He was excited to wear brand new clothes so naturally I thought we should brush his hair too. 

Me: Want me to brush your hair?
Baker: No, I like it this way. 
(rubs his hands through his hair)
It's like a tall tall mountain. 
Me: Well, Okay!

I had to do some coaxing to get some pictures. 

Me: Can I take your picture with this sign?
Baker: You can take a picture of my new water bottle but not of me. I'm too busy doing something. 

This is about as good as it gets for first day of school pictures! It cost me a whole fruit roll-up just to get these. 
Two thoughts went through my head when I snapped this picture...

1. They have gotten so big! Where did my babies go?!
2. This is my future... I can just see them in this exact same pose in 10 years. 


When we got to school, Baker was happy to go in and meet his new friends! After a year of dramatic drop-offs, this was such a nice pleasant suprise.  YAY! 


I think Baker going to school is Fisher's favorite too! He has really enjoyed time his time with mommy! I let him ride in Baker's carseat, and it is the best treat ever. He kept saying "Brother's seat, HA HA HA HA!" Fisher doesn't mind being the center of attention! It's really fun to watch him blossom without big brother around!

On Thursday we went to visit Carla and her twin babies! 

Fisher James loved holding James Carl. 

And we did a little grocery shopping. 


Last weekend, B and Skipper (Austin's parents) came to visit for the Labor Day weekend. Most of the time they help us with house projects, so this trip we wanted them to enjoy a few of our favorite Abilene places. 

We explored downtown Abilene.  

And then ate Pizza at Vagabond. OHHHH yum! You are missing out if you haven't been to Vagabond yet. It is delicious and the atmosphere is great. We got to chat with Jessica Adams, one of the owners, for a bit. She is adorable and an aggie so naturally we love her. 

On Saturday we went to Perini Ranch Steakhouse for lunch. It's our go to lunch spot with out of town guests. 

Don't worry, Baker was sitting down in the background know, being three. 

We followed up lunch with a little shopping in downtown Abilene. 

We checked out Lone Star Canvas, a cool and unique men's shop. 

And then we walked across the street to Casa Authentique. Did you know they have a 50% off room? I'm an Abilene-newbie and I didn't!!!!!!

I found these UGG slippers for me! (remember Fisher used my slippers as a sponge for the toilet?) and Toms for Baker!

Seriously my favorite find ever!!! 

Click image for link! - They come in several colors! 


On Wednesday, I shared my favorite bible books!

Sounds like a lot of you love them too! 


This weekend we are going to enjoy one of our favorite Abilene events, The West Texas Fair and Rodeo! 
The parade is at 10:30 in downtown Abilene. 

And Austin will be working the Aggie Fries booth on Saturday at the fair after 5pm. Make sure you stop by and tell him hello!! Oh yeah, and order some fries! 

And that wraps it up for this week!!!

Enjoy your weekend friends!! 


  1. Sweet Baker! Of course his hair looked like a mountain. Haha! Thats the look I always go for. ;). And what a steal on those Ugg slippers!

  2. Love the first day of school pictures!!
    That pizza looks amazing!! And I need those UGG slippers in my life!!