Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Show and Tell - Embarrassing School Pictures

 I'm linking up with Momfessional for Show and Tell Tuesdays! 

 You are in for a treat today because we are showcasing our most embarrassing school pictures. 

I'm just going to start off right here. I'm guessing there is a better version of this picture somewhere, you know one where my head is in the picture. For some reason I only have this copy! Nothing screams first day of school like these coordinating outfits! (can you see our socks?!) 

UPDATE!! I found a better picture!

I grew up in a small town. You will see in a minute that the population when I was in school was 608 people. Kindergarten through 12th grade attended school in the same building. There was one yearbook for the entire school each year.

 Here is a glance at my collection.

So you think it would be easy to get the personalized names correct on the yearbook cover, right?

Well that was close, sorta! #betterlucknextyear

I went through several rough stages in elementary. The first was in 2nd grade. 

The year didn't start out too bad....

But somewhere in the middle I ended up with a "boy haircut", according to my brother, and a mouth full of braces. #bless

There were a few tears shed over that haircut. 

Took a little while to recover from that one. 

But eventually I did, just in time for what I consider my worst year ever...6th grade. Thanks to my teacher, I can forever remember these years since she made us each a personal scrapbook. 

So minus the tweety shirt and the big bangs it didn't start out too disastrous...

But then all sorts of awkward hit.

exhibit A:

exhibit B:
corduroy overalls while dancing the Macarena 

exhibit C:
velour tops and matching scrunchy 

^ this is also a great view of my bangs. I used to spend a long time feathering them just right every morning. 


The scrapbook also contained these gems:
Apparently it was a struggle to be nice. 

This makes me laugh so much! This was a Valentine's Day assignment so I'm sure it was supposed to be ultra sweet, and I'm talking about a plane crashing! #romantic

Then I found this awesome school project. 

 Yesum. This right here is 6th grade.
-feathered bangs
-loud brightly colored jacket
-velour shirt
-tall white socks

Oh wait I still wear a braid every day.

As I got older my bangs progressed too. Raise your hand if you did the perfect roll bangs? I spent HOURS perfecting that perfect roll.

I rocked my bangs through cross country, band, basketball and cheerleading. 

Eventually I grew them out. #thankgoodness

My junior year. I fractured my leg and tore my MCL playing basketball. 
AND clearly nothing screams a leg injury like a denim mini skirt! 

I'm going to leave you here with this gem. Do you remember these shirts? #buckle

Notice the faux steps and the fake plant. Geez! This was actually used as my grandparents' ranch advertisement in the back of our yearbooks. I'm not sure if big schools do this but we sure did in Jayton, Texas. 

ps. I'm really sorry Kelsey! 


  1. Hahaha! I loved you through the glasses,bangs and braces of the 90s, but this sure did give me a laugh! You are and have always been beautiful in every way! And Kelsey too!

  2. Oh how cute you were! I love all of these pictures!!!

  3. HA!! Love it!!
    I would spend hours getting my bangs really high on one side of my head and then when the "rooster tail" when out. I would spend hours getting the "perfect bang roll". Oh my goodness!! lol

    1. Yes!!!! And I used so much hairspray too! It's funny because now I spent less than 5 minutes fixing my hair on most days!

  4. Loved this trip down your memory lane! Growing out my bangs might be in my top 5 greatest decisions right next to marrying my husband and having my daughter!

    1. HAHAHA!! YES! Best decision ever!

  5. I love this so much. I forgot about the scrapbooks I made for you all and I forgot about the Kent County Then and Now. That was quite a controversial project at the time. Haha
    Thanks for this blog post. Sweet memories!

    Your 6th grade teacher

  6. So so fun! I had forgotten about these projects I made y'all do. It was a fun year! Thanks for a trip down memory lane!
    Your 6th Grade Teacher