Monday, August 1, 2016

Napa Vacation Day 1 - San Francisco and Muir Woods

We just got back from a great vacation to Napa, California! I asked tons of recommendations from friends before we decided on our trip agenda. I'm going to highlight all our details here just in case you want to head to Napa too!! There are hundreds of wineries in the Napa area so I feel like recommendations are the only way to narrow them down!

Grab a coffee or tea, and prepare yourself for lots of pictures!

We jumped on a plane in Dallas early Tuesday morning, and flew into San Francisco International Airport. We wanted to spend as much of the day exploring San Francisco as possible. 

As soon as we arrived we headed straight to Pier 39. 

We had a nice foggy view of Alcatraz from the pier. 

We ate the ORIGINAL sourdough bread bowl full of clam chowder. 

The we headed to see the painted ladies. 

The Full House, house was next on our list. 
This is the actual house but it's been painted dark .

This is a similar lighter house! I loved looking at all the beautiful homes (and Austin just looked at the details on the houses.) 

Next up was the Golden Gate Bridge!

The Golden Gate Bridge lead us straight to Muir Woods. 

Muir woods was magical! These pictures don't do it justice but it's a must visit!

Finally, we headed over to our destination, Napa! 

After quickly checking out our hotel, we ended up at Oxbow Market.

You can find anything you need over at Oxbow Market. The have individual vendor booths. There were spices, olive oil, ice cream, a variety of food, cupcakes, and a mini market. We decided to eat dinner while there.

I chose C Casa for dinner and their tacos were delicious! 

Last stop of the day was to Trader Joe's for breakfast and picnic supplies for the week. 

 San Francisco has a lot to offer! We could have easily spent a few days exploring the city. I think we did a pretty good overview in a few hours. I love it all, but my favorite part was Muir Woods. 

Come back tomorrow to see our first two days of wineries in Napa!


  1. Oh Megan! So many good pictures! I've never been to Napa or San Fran and this post makes me want to visit both! I can't wait to see MORE!

  2. Napa might be on our list soon so I'm going to read these posts while taking notes. :)

    1. If ya'll decide to go let me know! It was really fun! But I think I'm in the oddity when I say that it's not a place I really want to visit frequently. I know tons of people would disagree! But to me it was a see it once kind of place!

  3. I have never been to California, but it's on my list!! It looks sooo beautiful!! What a great trip!

    1. Johannah, It was beautiful! There is so much to do in California! San Francisco was also a nice escape from the heat!