Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Favorites 8/19/2016

It's FRIDAY!!!
I'm linking up with Erika, Andrea and Narci for Friday Favorites!

1. I shared about one of my FAVORITE places this week! 

South Fork, Colorado has a big part of my heart! 

This picture just about sums up our crazy memorable trip! 

I wore these Sketchers Go Walks all over Colorado. (you can click the image for link)

I bought these shoes when I was pregnant with Fisher. I was teaching on my feet all day and my back ached. All my back pain disappeared when I wore these shoes. They are seriously magical!!! 

My sister showed up at my house with these shoes on a few weeks ago and all I could say was "I told you so!" Seriously best shoes ever. 

2. This may sounds RANDOM!! But the boys FAVORITE thing from this trip were these little animal flash lights. 

They are holding them in just about every picture!

Turtle light (click image for link)

Lizard light (click image for link)
I promise it's not as scary as this picture!! 

The lights are really great quality! My boys have been playing with them for a week and they are still in great shape. (that's a big testament to their quality!) The light is also LED and extremely powerful. 

Go ahead and order a few for stocking stuffers for kids and adults! 

   3. Our house is really really close to being finished! Mostly we just have finishing touches left, but it feels good to be almost there. Austin did a lot of work while the boys and I were playing in Colorado.
Austin stained our beams a honey-gray color. 
It's been dark and rainy, so they lighting wasn't the best. But I'm loving all the updates! 

4. I've watched a lot of Olympics the last 2 weeks, and I'm loving it! On Thursday I just happened to be watching when Martha and Bela Karolyi's story - The Ranch aired. 

(and by "happen to be watching", I really mean I've been watching non-stop for two weeks. That's the reason my 2 year old used my beloved house shoes as a sponge to suck out all the toilet water and spread it through my bedroom and bathroom. I'm going to need the Olympics to be over soon so I can be a more attentive mom. And I'll be needing new house shoes asap.) 

ANYWAY! Back to the show....

I really really really enjoyed watching it. Take some time and view it. I knew parts of their story but not all of it. It was so interesting! After coming to America, they learned English by watching Sesame Street! How crazy is that?! 

You can watch it here: The Ranch

So here I am watching it with a snack with leads me to my next favorite!

5. SPICY POPCORN! Last week when I was in Colorado, I picked up this basil olive oil and it is delicious on my favorite spicy popcorn! 

-organic corn kernels popped in a spoon full of coconut oil
-1/2 tsp chili powder
-1/4 tsp salt
-1 tsp cumin
-dash or two of olive oil

And a have a little prayer request to share with you.

Meet Jane, she is the 15 month old baby girl of one of my high school friends, Mark. She was diagnosed with Leukemia last week and needs your support. 

She has a long road of treatment ahead (several years) and could use your prayers!!

If you happen to be one of my McKinney friends, they are local if you feel lead to love on them!! 

We are praying for you miss Jane! 

That's it for today! Happy Friday friends and hug your babies tight!!!

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