Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Favorites 8.12.16

It's time for Friday Favorites! I'm linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea to share my weekly favorites.

1. A few weeks ago one of our very FAVORITE people came to visit us! 

My kids ADORE miss Katie! If you are new around here, Katie was my student five years ago! Then she started babysitting for us, and now she is my grown up friend! 

We enjoyed an afternoon sno-cone treat at The Food Park!

On Saturday we took Katie to one of our FAVORITE spots for lunch!

We had a blast!! We love when Katie comes for a visit!

2. Last week I mentioned that Austin and I were at a builder's conference in Dallas. We had a great time learning a few new things and being inspired! The speakers weren't too bad either. 

Chip and Joanna! We watch their show all the time, and we adore them like everyone else in America! But to hear them talk to other builders was just awesome. They were incredibly genuine and down to earth. Chip, of course, had the room laughing the entire time. After hearing bits of their story, I will be buying their book for sure. They had some great stories, and they literally built everything they have now with hard work. 

We had a little time Wednesday evening to do one of my FAVORITE things! 


And on Saturday I managed to sneak in a little work time too. 

3. These babies!!
Sweet twin siblings are a FAVORITE for sure. I stole lots of baby snuggles, and I loved every minute. 

4. I realized this week that it's been awhile since I've actually fixed my hair. What can I say?! A braid is my FAVORITE!

I have 3 reasons that I love braids:

- It's HOT outside
- I have 2 young kids and it's quick
-I'm lazy

Yup. that about sums it up. 

5. Fisher turned 2 this week!!!
We started the day with homemade popsicles. 

And ended our day with cupcakes!  

Cupcakes are now his FAVORITE!! YAY!! big victory for us!

Remember last year?

6. Olympics are a FAVORITE at our house!

I found this cool dry-erase world map at Target this week. How fun would this be to incorporate into the Olympics celebrations! I can just image kids having a blast looking and drawing on this map. I found it in the Dollar Spot for $3. 

And just for fun, I'm going to throw in this awesome outfit to the mix! #ye-haw

To prove that I did have some cute stages, here you go:

Happy weekend friends! 


  1. Fisher and his birthday candles were my favorite this week :). Sweet boy!

  2. Baaaaabies! 😍 They're ready for you to come back. 😘 P.s. I happen to LOVE your braids. 👍👍

    1. Thanks girl! I'm ready to come get cuddles again!

  3. Happy Happy Birthday to Fisher!! And why oh why is it way less fun to look at everyone's cute stages? Haha! Those are awkward stages are more fun. Right??? ;)