Monday, August 8, 2016

Fisher's 2nd Birthday!

Today our sweet boy turns 2!!!!

Fisher has been surprising us since November 28th 2013 (Thanksgiving Day), when we found out we were expecting him.
Baker on my hip and a Fisher bump! 

8 months later on August 8th 2014, he came into this world kicking and screaming. 

 He was screaming so hard that he suffered from 2 collapsed lungs. 

He got himself a quick ticket right to the NICU. This was a bit of a shock! I was 39 weeks, and I just assumed I would deliver a healthy baby boy! Surprise!

He put up such a fuss in the NICU that they had to tie his arms down. The nurses also nicknamed him Wildman. (And we wonder why he has feeding issues!!) 

Thankfully his NICU stay was short and after 3 days, he was free! 

I'm not going to lie, the look on Baker's face makes me tear up a bit. #brothers

Just when we settled into our new rhythm, he decided to surprise us again by hating food. 


I'm happy to report that he is doing MUCH better in this area!

Fisher's 1st birthday went a lot like this....

I'm fairly positive he will gobble up his birthday cupcake today, but he does like to surprise us!

Along with all the surprises!! He brings us so much JOY!!!

I know I'm partial, but he has a smile that can brighten up a room!    

He loves to get wet! 

Fisher is our comedian and entertainer. He will do just about anything for a laugh. 

He refused to walk (unassisted) until he was 16 months old. 

Then he walked himself over to Santa's cookies and took a bite. 

For the record he still prefers to be held 80% of the time. 

He loves to wrestle with his brother. 

^^^ and this right here is proof that he starts it more often than not. 

When they aren't wresting, he completely adores his brother and wants to be just like him.

 Lately he has been parking cars to mimic Baker. 

These two fill my heart with so much joy and love! 

He loves to cuddle, and steal all your kisses. Then he turns around and wipes them all off.  

His very favorite thing is to get a back rub right before bed. If we lay him down too quick, he puts his feet in the air and says "feet" while he waits for his foot rub too. #spoiled 

Fisher James, we completely adore you!! You are special and unique. You want to do everything on your terms, with your timing. We love your cuddles and your adorable mischievous smile. You will do great things little boy! Please keep lighting up then world with your smile! 

Happy 2nd Birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday to Fisher! He's such an adorable little guy =)

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