Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Colorado Adventure

I grew up going to Colorado all the time as a child. You see, my grandparents built a summer house in South Fork, Colorado almost 20 years ago. I was lucky enough that they lived most of the year just down the street from me growing up, but they always spent the summers in Colorado. We have spent lots of time in their cabin over the years. Every time I visit I'm flooded with memories made in those walls. I  remember spending Christmas there when my fiesty great grandmother, Nana, was still alive. We climbed up a mountain, and cut down a real Christmas tree. On the way back to Texas, we were stranded by a huge snow storm, and we had to spend the night in a church with 500 other people. We have enjoyed countless summer musicals at the legendary Creede Theatre. One summer my Papa, Norman, even talked us into going on the "perfect" hike. He dropped us off on one end of the river and promised to pick us up just down the river in a few hours. Well a few hours turned into nine hours and when darkness started looming we started to worry a bit! We did lots of climbing and river wading to find a proper trail. My mom and I really thought we were lost, and so did my Papa waiting for us. It was an adventure and we were happy to see him when we finally came to the end! We've gone skiing, hiking, fishing and rafting. I've taken lots of friends to the cabin and made memories with each of them. I even took Austin one Christmas break when we were dating. So last week when my mom mentioned she was going to drive up for a few days, I decided it would be a good idea to join her too. Clearly I lost my mind for a bit thinking it was a good idea to take my boys on a long road trip without their daddy!

We started out on Wednesday after lunch. We headed part way to Santa Fe for the night. I love Santa Fe, and it's my special place with my mom! But this drive was incredibly hard for the boys! I was beginning to doubt my decisions to come along. We made several stops along the way but the boys were pretty restless.

We played at a park along the way and let off some energy! 

On Thursday morning the boys woke up ready to go!! We enjoyed the cooler air and breakfast on the patio. Then we set out to catch a few bugs. 

Next up was the Santa Fe Plaza. 

Then we spent some time chasing the birds. 

We ate lunch at one of our favorite spots, and the boys enjoyed their first sopapillas. 

At one point I looked over and saw this and once again doubted this trip! HA! 

This is my mom's cousin Sandra with our crew at the Santa Fe Plaza. 

After lunch, we headed on our way to South Fork. 
And I'm happy to report my kids slept most of the 3.5 drive! 

YAY!! We survived! 

On Friday, we headed over to the cute little mining town of Creede. 

After some shopping, lunch, fudge, rock candy, tea and an "almost" poison ivy run in, we headed to our favorite waterfall. 

We ended our day with a little driveway car racing. 

When I woke up on Saturday, I saw Fisher eating breakfast with Papa. 

He was just soaking up wisdom from one of the smartest men that I know.  I love the way Fisher is looking at him. 

Can you see my Papa staring down from the deck? I mean, melt my heart!!! So much love. 

I stuck my feet in the water too and it was frigid!! The boys played for a long time. They had a blast throwing every rock they could find. 

Sunday we enjoyed a "hike" around Big Meadow Lake. 

After our hike we grabbed some ice cream, and then the boys got to explore an old fire truck. This made their day! They even got to turn on the siren. 

On Monday we woke up extra early to head home. We drove straight through for the first 5 hours while the boys slept! It was great and certainly made the return trip more bearable. 

Even though this trip was so hard without Austin, it was good for all of us. It filled my heart full of love and good memories of my grandparents. As they age, I am so thankful for all the time I've had with them through the years. I know it's a sweet gift that I've had such a close relationship with them. I love that my kids made a few memories too. I am pretty sure my grandparents benefited from some time with them as well. They love their great grandbabies. Their cabin doesn't have internet or cell reception so it was also a great time for me to unplug and recharge. Their cabin is my happy place. It always feels like home and is full of love and comfort. I'm so thankful I went along for this adventure and I know I made memories that will stay with me forever. 



  1. Such a sweet trip spending time with your grandparents but I'm positive I'm gonna have nightmares about you being out there along the river for 9 hours!!!! What?! I would have been a MESS!

    1. It was a little stressful at the time. But it's funny now! Believe it or not, it wasn't my first (or probably last) bad hiking experience with my mom! She's tried to kill me a few times.

    2. What do you mean, Megan?
      We have wonderful hikes together!

  2. Megan! What a fun trip!! I loved how everything you did was outdoors. Those are the best kinds of vacations :).

    1. YES! I love being outside especially in Colorado where the weather is PERFECT!

  3. I love Colorado. It's my happy place too and I'm so glad to share it with you!

  4. This post made me smile so much!! Good job Momma! Way to make some memories with and for your kiddos!!