Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Advocare Talk

This past spring my friend, Kimberly, asked me if I wanted to try out some Advocare products. We had just finished The Daniel plan and even though I was feeling good, I could tell my body needed a little boost. I knew my body had recently gone through a major detox and needed some quality nutrients. I was on a mission to start some probiotics and vitamins to help. After discussing my personal needs, we decided the Max E vitamins were best for me. It's a full body supplement that focuses on overall health.

Do you see where the box says ENERGY. That's exactly what this pack did for me. It gave me tons of energy. On day one, I noticed a HUGE difference in energy. 

As a stay at home mom with 2 young kids, I need ALL the energy I can get. 

I also had 10 times more energy to get projects done during the day. 

The very first day, I painted and gardened while my kiddos played outside. It allowed me to work for hours outside and still feel great! 

I also noticed that I felt more focused. 

Okay so two positives so far, energy and focus, but I could also tell a difference in appetite.
 Win. Win. Win. 

MNS comes in three different vitamin formulas so you can pick what formula is best for you! 

Here is some information from the Advocare Website:

MNS E is formulated to maximize energy along with metabolism in support of weight management with Thermo-P caplets.* 
MNS C is designed to maximize appetite control along with increased energy and metabolism in support of weight management with a Thermo-T caplet and CitriSate (appetite control caplet).* 
MNS 3 is a comprehensive system formulated to provide sustained-released energy through the ActoTherm® SR caplet, along with weight management through the BioTherm capsules.* In addition, MNS 3 provides core nutrition and wellness with the inclusion of Calcium Plus caplets, a CardioQ capsule, and an additional OmegaPlex® softgel capsule.* MNS™ 3 contains less than half the amount of caffeine contained in MNS E and MNS C. 

Everyday you take this entire strip of supplements. 
1 packet: 30 minutes before breakfast
1 packet: with food at breakfast
1 packet: 30 minutes before lunch
1 packet: with food at lunch

I think it's important to note that I am extra sensitive when it comes to caffeine. I get shaky and nauseous if I have too much. That being said, since the pills suppressed my appetite, I could feel the difference if I didn't eat. Make sure you eat even if you aren't hungry! I also don't drink coffee, just a cup of tea every morning, so I wasn't consuming lots of extra caffeine. 

A few tips from me:
1. Set two alarms first - to remember the 30 minutes before breakfast pill and second- to remember the 30 minutes before lunch pill. 
2. I always keep a glass of water by my bed. So I moved the pills that you take 30 minutes before breakfast to my night stand. I took them first thing in the morning before I ever got out of bed. 
3. Don't skip food just because your appetite is suppressed. Just make sure you are eating quality foods and not eating junk!! 

Let's do a little Q & A with Kimberly:

1. Oh No! I'm in the middle of my meal and I forgot to take the "with food" packet? What do I do?

It is gonna be okay, just take your “with food” pack with the meal and take the others before your next meal.

2. What happens if I forgot or skip a day?

Just like any daily vitamin…we all forget from time to time! Just pick up where you left off…the MNS strips are optimal nutrition for EVERY day and you will probably notice the difference when you forget.

confession: I forgot mine several days in a row! Woops! That's why the alarms are so important!

If you would like to talk to Kimberly or her husband Brandon about Advocare, you can find their website here and email them at: Thesoukupgang@gmail.com

I'm going to leave you with this picture of Brandon...
A picture is worth a thousand words! Doesn't Brandon look amazing!!

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  1. Oh goodness, who couldn't use more energy?! I love how quickly you felt some results!