Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Show and Tell: What's in Your Bag (June 7)

Hey friends! I'm joining up with Andrea over at Momfessionals for Show and Tell Tuesday! 

Today we are showing a glimpse inside our bags! 

I  typically carry this Vera Bradley bag. The inside is lined with pockets and I can throw it in the wash if needed! And trust me, sometimes it is needed. 

This is a real life look inside my bag! I didn't edit out anything, I just dumped it's contents on the floor and went with it!

These pictures were snapped last week after we returned from our Memorial Day weekend trip! 

Here is everything that was shoved in my bag!

-enough clothes for 5 children
-enough socks for 5 children
-5 diapers (perfect for 5 children!) 
-2 wipes
-3 tubes of sunscreen
-enough snacks for 5 children
-1 Bandaid
-hair tie
-2 cars
-advocare MNS-e (more on that later)
-2 tea packets
-emergencyC packet
-purell hand wipes (thanks chic-fil-a)
-swim diaper
-2 pens
-mom bag

Everyone should have a mom bag! It's the best thing ever. 

I throw this little bag into any bag I'm using or use it on it's own. 
It contains:
-tiny wallet
-burts bees
-lip glass
-hand santizier
-nail file
I typically throw my cellphone in and I'm good to go! 

Thanks for coming along for a look inside my bag! 


  1. You had a lot of stuff in there!!! I'm amazed!

  2. Oh friend! These posts just make me HAPPY! Is it weird that I enjoy seeing this stuff so much?

  3. I so remember the days my bag looked like this and I can actually say I kind of miss it!
    My kids are 11 and 8 now... So I usually just the holder of the iPad, their DS's, really any electronic devise.
    But I'm to the point... Old enough to have the devise, Old enough to carry it!! Haha