Thursday, June 30, 2016

One Year Abilene Anniversary

This year has been a big one for the Butler crew. 
We have officially been Abilene residents for an entire year. 

We bought a house. 

 We attended a 4th of July parade! 

We celebrated Fisher's first birthday. 

In August I started this blog! 

We tore up our new (to us) house!

And started over in the kitchen. 

We added granite and a subway back splash. 

Baker started preschool!

Our back yard immediately became a favorite spot for the boys. 

We visited a local park as much as possible. 

We attended the West Texas Parade and Rodeo. 

We also enjoyed some visitors! 

We updated the built-in cabinets with paint and new shiplap backing. 

We picked out pumpkins in our neighborhood!

We painted and added shiplap in our dining room!

We tore out all the flooring and added new wood floors

We took family pictures in November.

And Austin and I celebrated 7 years of marriage. 
(and my 30th birthday!)

In November we decorated our house for Christmas. 

Fisher took his first steps. 

Pubbah the elf came to visit us for the first time. 

We hosted our first annual Christmas Eve cookie making party with my family!

 And enjoyed Christmas morning at our house. 

December also brought us our first snow. 

We enjoyed lots of local places!

We ate at food trucks

We became addicted to Pure Water tea. 

The Food Park

In February we celebrated Baker's 3rd birthday! 

And took him to see monster trucks!

We also joined our church in doing The Daniel Plan. 

We've been able  to spend lots of time with this crew!

This spring, I gave STAAR tests for 3 weeks! 

Austin finished 5 houses at work and started work on 3 more. If you wanna see more of his work you can follow @rfoglehomes over on instagram. 

This Mediterranean style courtyard is to die for! 

And this playroom is another personal favorite. 

It has been a fantastic year! Thank you for joining our journey!! We are loving Abilene and we can't wait to make many more memories in the years to come!


  1. SO Awesome! I love all the ShipLap! I may need to add some in my house!! :)

  2. Oh my goodness Megan! WHAT A YEAR! I mean...I'm exhausted just reading about it! You did so much (especially to your house!). Amazing friend! Here's to another wonderful year!

  3. The only picture I stopped to look at longer was the tea. I'm having mouth is watering. 😳

  4. Happy 1 year and what a year indeed! You've done so much to submerse yourself in local community which is so admirable. We're glad to have you!