Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

We took at little road trip this weekend to visit Austin's parents, B and Skipper. 

Every good road trip starts at Cracker Barrel! Just ask my dad, growing up it was our designated stopping place!  I skipped going to the grocery last week (hallelujah!) but it also meant by Friday we literally had nothing left to eat. We also wanted to make sure we didn't get into the car until an appropriate time for the kids to fall asleep and it be their bedtime. 

We ate and off we went!! 

On Saturday morning, all the boys went out for waffles!

Fisher couldn't shove them in his mouth fast enough!

It was an extra special treat because Skipper (Mike) was the architect who designed the space. How cool are those metal lights?! 

After breakfast we walked down to a really cool park near the Butler's house. We met up with my college friend, Cara and her kiddos, for some playing. The park is multi level and everyone in town was there. It was crazy! Then about 10 minutes into our playtime there was a huge wreck and it added to the chaos.  The mamas decided it was time to call it quits because we just couldn't keep our eyes on all our kiddos. 

This is the only picture I got of all 4 kiddos! I was afraid to take my eyes of my kids for even a moment to pull out my phone. 

Later that night we decided to crash a wedding. Typically this is not my style! I am a rule follower but this was an Emge wedding. It was Clay, Austin's best friend's younger brother's wedding. The Emge's are practically family, so I was game! Plus we got an unexpected night out! Win Win!

It was hot!! Remember my crazy post? Here I am at the wedding with my yeti. Yes, I carried it around with me all night. The purple straw matched the bridesmaids dresses so it was perfect! 

Sunday we headed to the Caldwell Zoo!

I was very impressed with the landscaping and shade throughout the park. 

There is a cool area where you can feed the parakeets. 

We had a great visit with Austin's grandparents. 

My boys can't go more than 2 minutes without touching each other. 

We wrapped up our trip with a swim in the Emge pool! 

On the way home from Tyler, we made a pit stop at my brother's house! 

We wanted to wish Barret a happy birthday! 

And we ran into Honey!

The two littles showed off their picture taking skills! 

And we bribed the two older boys to participate too! 

I personally love this one with Barret very concerned about his balloon. 

Fisher was extremely very proud of his dollar! 

It was a great weekend and we were greeted home by this cute family of ducks!!


  1. What a great weekend! That wedding is so pretty. Great choice on crashing that one!

  2. What a special weekend!! Your boys were so cute at the zoo! Happy Wednesday friend!

  3. Cameron has that crab shirt!! We'll bring it so they can be twinsies!!!