Thursday, June 2, 2016

Let's Talk: Summer Plans

On Monday Erika and Andrea hosted their Let's Talk series. I was way too busy soaking up my long weekend to post, but I'm joining in now!

Today we are talking about our summer plans! 

In June we are hitting up the beach with the Butler crew. 

And when we return, this little fishy is taking swim lessons!


Roommate weekend!

I'll be joining these lovely ladies and our families for our annual weekend. 

We are headed to Napa! This is an adult only trip and I'm excited for some much needed grown up time! 

We are currently working on mapping out our route. We are planning on spending a day exploring Muir Woods and driving the coast. Then we will spend a few days doing wine tastings, exploring the vineyards and eating really good food. Did you know that Napa area is home to some of the most well known restaurants in the United States. Thomas Keller's, The French Laundry, has earned world wide fame. Sadly we won't be dining there because their dinners cost $310 a person. But on the bright side, Thomas Keller has a few other more moderately priced restaurants in town. 

If you have Napa suggestions please leave them in the comments!!


The Butlers are headed to meet the Gaines!!!

Austin's employer asked us if we would like to accompany them to the Texas Builder Show and it took me all of 5 seconds to say, "YES!" I'm so pumped about this! The show just happens to be hosted at the Gaylord Texan. Wahooo!! I'm hoping to sneak off to the pool at some point and enjoy some alone time! (don't tell Austin...or my kids!) 

Alright summer, here come the Butlers! 

Let's do this!! 



  1. I love summer plans!! I can't wait to see them all unfold on your blog this season!

  2. SO JEALOUS~ Napa and The Gaines!! I'm green with envy! Hope you have the best time and a great summer! Such fun plans!

  3. So glad I'm going to Napa with you!!!