Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Jake's 3rd Birthday Weekend

My nephew, Jake, turned three a few weeks ago so we celebrated him this past weekend. In my opinion you just can't beat a weekend full of family. I'm also not complaining about having a little birthday cake and lot of 3 year old fun! 

On Saturday morning we headed to the park to celebrate the birthday boy! 

My grandparents enjoying the party! 

Go ahead and take note how I'm holding down the two three year olds in this picture. Getting them to take pictures is HARD work! 

After the party and lunch, we headed to the pool! 

Baker went down the slide about 100 times and Austin blinded the camera with his pasty whiteness. 

I won't rat anyone out, but someone took a big chunk out of the cake!! HA! This is life with three year olds! 

This is what 6 very exhausted kids looks like. They had the best time! 

Fisher fell asleep quickly after this picture was taken. He was all tuckered out!

Sunday morning we took the kids to the park to run out some energy! 

Then we enjoyed a big family lunch and headed to the pool again!

The next 5 pictures were taken by a sweet friend, Shirley Long. She took these and posted them to facebook. How sweet is that? Thank you Shirley! It's so hard to take pictures and enjoy pool time and I'm thankful she took them!

We headed home and it took approximately 5 minutes for the kids to fall asleep.  

That's a wrap on our weekend. It was a blast! We played hard and wore ourselves out! The first thing out of Baker's mouth Monday morning was "Can we go back to Honey's house." Family weekends are good for my soul and this one didn't disappoint. I love my big crazy family!

*most of the pictures in the post were taken by my mom, Dana Brinkman! Thanks mom!*


  1. What a fun weekend!! Happy birthday Jake!!

  2. Oh my goodness! The chunk of cake missing! Love it!

  3. Awww!! What a fun weekend!! It is always such a blessing to have family in town to celebrate!!