Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday Favorites: 6.2.16

This week has thrown me off, but apparently it's Friday! YAY!

I'm linking up with Erika, Andrea and Narci to share our favorites. 

1. I've spent most of my week doing this:
I'm in full planning mode for our Napa trip! I love planning out all the details and researching trips is my favorite! There are approximately 2098234 million wineries in the Napa/Sonoma area. And we narrowed them down to our top 11. We asked everyone we knew for their suggestions and we took that in to account when we started planning. We also wanted to see unique properties and  architecture (Austin). 

It looks like we might have a few hours to explore San Francisco too! 

I'd love to hear your suggestions for that area!

2. We've found Baker asleep in a few interesting positions this week. 

Sleeping is NOT his favorite so he likes to avoid it as long as possible. 

3. Austin had his 1 year work anniversary with Ron Fogle Homes this week! We would love for you to join us on instagram to see some sneak peaks inside their custom homes and remodels. 

One of my favorite hobbies is touring homes. I love looking at details in person and on pinterest! We will be adding lots of pictures over on instagram, if that is one of your favorite things too!

4. Okay here is my favorite new mom hack. My kids (yes, you read that right; both of them) eat a lot of mac n cheese and there is always a container of it in our fridge. But for the life of me, I can never remember when I cooked it and when it needs to be thrown out. Anyone else have this problem??

I found this bowl at TJ Maxx and it is perfect!

It is ceramic so it can go right in the microwave. 

It has a lid and you can dial in the date right on the container. 

The lid is even microwave safe and has a steam vent. 

This simple little container is life changing!!
I found them on amazon here but I paid less than $6 for mine at TJ Maxx. 

That's all for today friends! Hope you have a fantastic weekend! 


  1. I need that container. Like yesterday. Happy Friday Megan!!

    1. So funny how a simple container can be so helpful!! It's our designated Mac n cheese bowl!!

  2. Sweet Baker!! Sleeping babies are the cutest but HOW is he sleeping like that? Haha!

    1. I know!! I feel like my thighs would be burning!!!

  3. Haha! Poor Baker! I have trouble sleeping in my own bed at night, and kids can sleep anytime, anywhere, and apparently in any position.

  4. That container is awesome. I need to find one!