Thursday, June 23, 2016

Do-It-Herself Workshop

Did ya'll know that Home Depot offers FREE Do-It-Herself Workshops? They are offered once a month at your local Home Depot. How cool is that?

Last week, I attended their "DIY Beverage Stand" workshop in Abilene, Texas. When I showed up to the class they had all the supplies ready to go. My local store had 18 kits prepared. (In Abilene the class was held in the back of the store by the restrooms) 

The instructors were amazing. They walked us through every step of the project. Side note: They also provided snacks!

 We used a hammer and nails to assemble parts of the project and a nail gun for the rest. 

Probably like most of you, I have a nail gun out in my garage. My husband uses it regularly to build his own projects but I have never used ours. Let me tell you, I am hooked! It was so much fun to learn! I am going to do some home projects soon so that I have an excuse to use Austin's nail gun! (You can find Austin running to the garage to hide his tools right now!)

Here are our finished projects and my sweet friend, Laura, who invited me along!

 The entire class lasted about an hour and a half. We also got to take our stands home. All of this was completely FREE!

Let's take a closer look at my finished stand. 

It's not too shabby! But here is a project photo from Home Depot that was on their registration page. 

As you can see, my local Home Depot didn't offer this exact project. After consulting the highly reliable instagram, it was apparent that each store offers their own spin on the project. We essentially built more of a table. It was still a lot of fun to attend and completely FREE so I won't complain. It was a fun girls night out and did I mention it was FREE!! You bet I will attend again! And so can you! You can sign up for their next project, DIY Dog Feeder, here. 

I did hear that on bigger projects, they build one big project as a group and raffle it off at the end. 

What do you think of my table? I might add a little paint and see how it goes, but I'm pretty happy with my FREE project!


  1. You use a nail gun? Why am I totally impressed with this?! I love that you took the initiative to do this and the end result is PERFECT! Like, I'm totally impressed friend!

  2. Love the Do it herself workshops! Last Fall I made the cutest pumpkin planter!!
    Thanks for sharing!! Next months dog food bowl looks super cute!