Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Corpus Christi Beach Trip 2016

We just got back from "the best weekend ever" at the beach! My mother in-law grew up in Corpus Christi so we all met at Padre Island right across the bay. We did this same trip two years ago, when Baker was 16 months old and I was 34 weeks pregnant with Fisher. I just want to say that this trip was a 100 times easier and more fun (for me at least!)! Hang in there new mamas it gets easier!! And I've got a few tips that I'll share tomorrow! 

{Day ONE}
We loaded up the car Thursday after lunch and Baker was ready to go! 

 When we arrived my sweet in-laws had treats waiting for us at our condo!

It was extremely thoughtful and fun to arrive to "treasures."

We didn't get there until 8 pm, so we ate a quick dinner and jumped in the pool. 

We let the boys stay up and swim till 11 pm since we were on "bocation"(vacation). I have never seen Baker so excited for such a long period of time. He was over the moon giddy!! I wish I could have bottled up all of his excitement!! 

{Day TWO}

This is the start of what Baker would call "the best day ever" over and over again! 

We started out the morning on the beach! The water was calm, the wind was low, and you could see your toes way out in the water! It was perfect for the kids!

After swimming all day we headed to Snoopy's Pier for dinner. 


I got a lot of sweet comments about my swim suit. My print is from last year but there are other cute options; Here: in navy and black and Here: in prints.   I got mine on sale mid-season and you can probably snag one cheaper if you are patient. It is a splurge for a swim suit but I can tell you that the quality if far better than any other suit I own. It's really thick and takes forever to dry but I also think that means it will last a long time. I affectionately call it my mom suit. It keeps everything where it belongs and allows me to play with my kids without worrying if I'm covered up!

Okay back to our trip!
The wind was up and the waves were bigger! It was still fun for the kids but not as calm as the first day! 

Fisher could not get enough of the sand. He loved digging and laying in it. 

Nothing is better than diggin' holes with Skipper. 

He is saying "beach beach beach" but I can't spell it out phonetically because it would be a bad word. HA! As any good parent would do, I recorded him saying it a few times because it was cute! #awesomeparenting

My kiddos love spending time with Michael and Mer-a! If Michael was around you bet that Baker chose him over his parents. 

We finished off the day with a beach photo op! 

Meredith is one of my favorite people in the world. Baker calls her Mer-a and I hope that never changes. It's adorable. She is just one of those infectious people. You know those people?  The people who you have fun around all the time! Yup! She is one of those people and I adore her! 

{Day FOUR}

The last day we headed to the beach for a hour before jumping in the pool one last time! And I didn't take any pictures. Then we ate lunch and headed home!!

About half way through the drive we stopped for dinner in Fredricksburg. We found the coolest outdoor taco stand with a playground! It was perfect for a pit stop! 

AND that's a wrap on our beach trip 2016! 

We seriously had the very BEST time!! We soaked up some sun, played in the waves, built sand castles and swam for hours. The entire Butler family is beyond amazing. They are incredibly sweet to me and embrace me like I've been a part of the family forever. They love my kids like crazy and I'm so thankful for them! 

When I asked Baker what the highlight of his trip was he said, "Building holes in the sand with B and Skipper." 

Thanks for a great and memorable trip Butlers! I can't wait for the next one! 

Come back tomorrow for some beach and traveling tips with kids! 


  1. What a fun trip! and those "treasures" were adorable!! Love a good beach trip~~

  2. Aw! I love reading such a great summary of the weekend =) I had a blast and Michael and I missed y'all the last night. It was too quiet without Baker and Fisher there to entertain and you to chat about life with. I love you so much and wish we could have more weekends like this together!!