Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Beach Tips

Yesterday I shared our beach trip highlights and today I'm sharing some tips for making your trips easier. (I hope!) Some of these are simple and common sense but I'm sharing anyway because I feel like they really helped us have a successful trip!

1. Shade - I feel like shade alone made the difference on this trip. 
We set up this canopy everyday. I use the term "we" very loosely here. It was really my inlaws setting it up everyday. Which leads me to my next tip...

2. Take someone with you. Especially if you have young kids. It helps lighten the workload if someone else is there to help. I can't say, thank you, enough to my in-laws for setting up the chairs and canopy every day. They were also an extra set of eyes to watch the kids and entertain them too!

Take family or take friends! It doesn't matter but "many hands make light work!" Even though it was a vacation it was still work! We left exhausted but the good kind of exhaustion. 

3. Buy a few beach toys for the trip! My sweet inlaws had these "treasures" waiting for us in our room. The shooter gun was a favorite and Baker carried it around the entire trip. 

It's fun to have a few sand castle toys and shovels for the beach. 

4. Bring a gallon of water down to your beach spot everyday. 
After dealing with Fisher rubbing his eyes repeatedly, fresh water was a saving grace! We used it to rinse his hands and face when needed. Most beaches probably have a foot washing station but this simple tip saved us from walking to it a million times. (Thanks Ann for thinking of this!)

5. If possible find a place to stay that is on the beach. We could come and go easily from our room. We had lunch everyday in our room and then had a little bit of rest time during the hottest part of the day. 

That's the condo we stayed in right behind our blue tent. 

6. Pack a special drink treat for your kids. We didn't do this, but I will next time. We were constantly encouraging our kids to drink but we only brought water (and milk in the room). I don't think they drank enough liquids and I wish I would have brought them something special and out of the normal. 

We let them each pick a drink on the ride home and they both finished them in about a minute. 

7. I got both kids a new coloring book for the trip. I didn't let them have them until Friday evening when we went to dinner. It was the perfect thing to buy me a little time to eat. They love the color wonder books, the markers only show up on specific paper, and I didn't have to worry about them coloring the condo. 

8. If you have a baby in swim diapers, go ahead and throw in some diaper rash cream or Aquaphor. Their little hineys might need it after being wet all day long. 

9. Go ahead and throw in some aloe too! 

10. Pack some baggies for storage. I threw my phone in a ziploc bag everyday to take to the beach. Two years ago I left it in the room and didn't take a single picture. Looking back, I wish I would have take it down one day! The bag protects it from sand and water. 

This is the only picture I have from our trip in 2014! And it was taken on our drive home. 

11. Take time to clean up and snap some beach photos. I seriously didn't want to get out of the pool to take these pictures but I'm glad we did. 

What are your favorite beach tips??


  1. Great tips Megan! We are trying to re-plan (because our latest vacation was sidetracked by a hospital visit) a vacation right now, and this is so helpful!

    1. Thanks Kati! Hope you get to go on a fabulous trip!!