Thursday, May 19, 2016


Let's talk about something that I'm weirdly obsessed with today! Water bottles!! I always have water with me at all times. If I don't, I get major cotton mouth and thirsty. I know this is a good habit but it might also be borderline OCD. 

I've been carrying a water around with me for the last 10 years. Yup! Every single day for approximately the last 3,650 days. I'm always on the search for the best water bottle/cup out there. 

So let's discus my favorites: 

I love my Yeti. Back in September, I dropped by beloved Tervis Tumbler off the back of my car and it broke. Instead of replacing it I decided to invest in a Yeti. I know they are expensive but in my opinion it is worth it. It keeps water and ice for hours, and I use it at my house and when I go out and about. 

You can find my yeti monogram here. 

But here is the problem....

It is heavy and with two young kids, I don't have extra hands to hold a cup all the time.  I can't throw it in my purse, because the Yeti lid doesn't close completely.  It also spills from the cup holder of my stroller.  So in the effort to avoid wet feet, I have been on the search for the perfect water bottle. 

These water bottles are great! Thermos bottle  (left) and   Camelbak (right) . Both cost less than $12. But if you put ice inside, they sweat all over your bag. So instead of wet feet my entire bag gets wet!  The Camelbak is Baker's bottle of choice and what he takes to school. They are both dishwasher safe which I love! 

I love this mumbler for using at home especially if I am adding in any oils. But it is still not practical for throwing in my bag. 

Target carries these colorful Swell Bottles ( you can also find Swell at Nordstrom).  They have excellent reviews, but I didn't want to spend $25 to try one out! The target version also only holds 15 ounces of water, which is not enough for me to make it through the day! 

Instead I found this Manna bottle from TJ Maxx for $12. This bottle is amazing! It holds 25 ounces and claims to keep water cold for 24 hours. I put it to the test a few weeks ago when my sister and I headed to Canton. I filled it with ice and water and then left it in the hot car all day. After 17 hours it was still cold with ice in the bottle. I was impressed. 

{I can't find this Manna bottle online! If you really want one head to your local HomeGoods or TJ Maxx to find one! Or splurge on a good Swell bottle! I bet it works the same!- I hope you can find one! Happy hunting and good luck!}

Here are my tips for increasing your water intake:
1. Make it easy. Keep water nearby at all times. 
2. Make it a habit and set a daily goal. Give yourself a small reward for being successful. 
3. Add fresh lemon or lime! I love this especially in the summer! 
4. Add essential oils! I love grapefruit and lemon oil! 

I'm off to drink some water! Make sure you drink up because it's getting hot outside! Anyone else have a good suggestion for a water bottle/cup?


  1. Andrew loves his Yeti!! I've been thinking about getting one...and I think you might have just pushed me to it!

  2. OMG this is on point. Im a hoarder of water bottles, my husband even jokes about my instant love for my new Manna bottle… im obsess with it. Is good to know I’m not the only one ;)

  3. love your manna bottle. i am on the look out for this one or one similar.