Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Show and Tell: Favorite Vacations

Happy Tuesday friends! Today I'm joining Andrea over at Momfessional to Show and Tell our favorite summer vacations!

It's posts like these that make me wish I had started blogging years ago!  I wish I could link to all the amazing trips that we've taken but instead I'm going to talk about my favorite vacation ever. 

  In 2011 we took a family trip to Seattle for 3 days and then boarded a 7 day cruise through Alaska. It was an AMAZING trip. 

First up was the Seattle portion. My siblings and I were all born in Washington state so this part of the trip was full of nostalgia. 

We attended a Mariners game. 

The Point Defiance Zoo, a childhood favorite. 

We enjoyed picnics by the water. 

And a drive up to Mount Rainier with beautiful views. 

Our trip was rounded out with a visit to our old stomping grounds, Gig Harbor. 

After three days of fun, it was time to head back to Seattle to board the cruise ship! 

We enjoyed a few days at sea. 

And then the most beautiful place on earth, Tracy Arm Fjord. 

Seriously, how gorgeous is this view. 

Skagway was next on our stop. 
We rode the train up into Canada to this beautiful lake. 

Then we panned for Gold. 

And toured the city. 

The next day was Juneau. 

We saw the Mendenhall Glacier up close. 

My favorite part of the entire trip was whale watching. We were hoping to see a whale breach, which we did, but what we saw next was even better. 

We saw a large pod of Humpback Whales bubble net feeding. Look closely at these pictures. You can see inside the whales' mouths! They would all dive down in unison and then spiral back to the surface blowing bubbles to catch the fish in the middle. It was one of the most magnificent things to watch. 

They did this over and over for about 30 minutes. Each time they would go under and come up in a different location. We were told they only feed like this a few weeks a year and it was rare to be able to watch them for so long. 

We also saw lots of eagles on our trip. 

And a few killer whales from the main cruise ship. We just didn't get a good picture of them!

The excursion ended up on a island with a delicious fish fry. 

Then we headed to Ketchikan. 

We toured the city and walk around Creek Street. 

The last day of the cruise landed us in Victoria, B.C. 

Everything about this trip was perfect. The family time, relaxation, and views were all outstanding. It's a trip I would love to go on again. 


  1. I want to go to Alaska so much!! I think we might try next year! Your pictures from Seattle and Alaska are amazing. I could seriously leave today based on just your pics alone!

    1. Thanks!! As I was searching through pictures, it made me realize what a difference it makes to break out the big girl camera. The pictures are so much better than a phone. And Disney cruises to Alaska!! How fun would that be!!

  2. I've never wanted to take an Alaskan cruise before but I think you just changed my thoughts. Loved your recap!!

    1. Disney cruises to Alaska!! Just saying!!

  3. Love the "Married Man's Trail" pic! What a fun trip!

    1. Ha!! He thinks he is funny. Bahaha!!! It was the perfect trip!!