Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Favorites Austin Edition

Hi friends.  I thought I would relieve Megan of her Friday favorites this week and let you in on some of my favorite things.

1.  This flower we came across on a walk through our neighborhood.  It is at a house that has not been lived in for quite a few years.  It's amazing what nature will do even when being neglected for years.

passion flower

2.  The Western Heritage Classic Rodeo.  I have been to quite a few rodeos since moving to Abilene, but this has been my favorite.  It's local ranches competing against each other in team events.  In my opinion, it was much more entertaining than a professional rodeo.
The different ranches with their brand flags to start the rodeo.

Here, one cowboy ropes a heifer, two grab her head and tail to steady her, and one milks her into a beer bottle and runs to the judge to prove they have a drop of milk.

3.  This greenhouse in the backyard of a house in our neighborhood.  It has been neglected for a few years, but isn't it wonderful?  I wish I could have seen what this backyard was like when it was maintained; fruit trees, garden beds, trellis structures with grapes growing over it, garden shed, gazebo, and the list goes on.

4.  One of my favorite things is the craftsmanship that goes into items made of wood.
This was a project I was working on before I left Dallas.  The entire building is a timber frame structure with true mortise and tenon joints.

Here was another project I was working on while in Dallas.
The details that are part of this column are incredible.
Note: While I wish I had the skills to build either of these, I was only managing the construction of the overall project.

5.  Even though this is a major no-no and gets him spankings and time-outs, I love that he is exploring and learning new things.  This is a great age...right before the 2's and 3's start.

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  1. Happy Friday, Butlers!! I'm loving all your adventures-especially that rodeo!